Passport? Check! Boarding passes? Check! Sun tan lotion? Oh wait. There’s a never-ending list of essentials we all take on holiday with us. Sure you might only be going away for a week, perhaps even less, but you NEVER KNOW. That’s why we like to be prepared, cramming our suitcases with outfits we probably won’t touch, 50 swimwear options and at least three adaptor plugs. However, there’s just always something we forget isn’t there? Here’s a handy little guide of the essentials you don’t want to leave at home!

  1. Phone Charger

Because if you don’t Instagram your holiday, did you even go? Just kidding but seriously, you don’t want to forget your phone charger, a whole seven days without social media? *shudders*. And of course, you know, for safety reasons etc. Just remember to switch off roaming, and contact your network to see if they have any deals for phone usage abroad to save you from a surprise hefty phone bill the following month.

  1. A Hairdryer

We all know how shockingly bad hotel hairdryers are, I mean, we have dinner plans to get to we can’t be waiting around all day for the weakest hairdryer of.all.time. If you’re stuck for space, have a look into foldable travel hairdryers, they’re the answer to all of our prayers.

  1. Your Reading Glasses

Chances are if you’re headed to somewhere hot you might spend some time winding down by the pool with a good book in hand. Remember to slip your fashion reading glasses into your luggage to stay trendy and be able to read your book, which is quite important really…

  1. A Beach Bag

Heading to the beach? You’ll probably be taking a fair amount of stuff – sun tan lotion, water, sunglasses, towels and plasters to name a few. A beach bag style tote is a must-have to chuck all of your essentials in for a day by the water.

  1. A Credit Card

Okay we aren’t suggesting you take your credit card for a massive spend up, although Zara is a LOT cheaper in Europe. No. A credit card is handy to have on you for emergencies, so although you may not plan to actually use it, it’s a good backup to have. Just remember to inform your bank before you head off just in case they think you’ve been cloned – all that spending in Zara could seem suspicious.

  1. First Aid Kit

You don’t require a plaster for the whole year up until you’re on day one of your holiday and oh look, a bleeding foot. Those new sandals seemed comfy when you tried them on. Pop a mini first aid kit into your luggage for those minor emergencies. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s good to be on the safe side after all.

  1. Guide Books & Apps

Suggesting a guide book seems quite outdated in 2015 (but still an essential), so we suggest either a guide book or a handy App, to keep with the times. Do your research before you go so you’re aware of the main attractions, also look into any Apps that might help you navigate your way around or suggest places to visit. Also a good idea, is to download a translator app if you aren’t familiar with the language.

  1. After Sun Cream

In case you got a little too carried away on that sun lounger. Yes it’s nice to catch a glow but be careful and stay protected by using a high SPF. If you do happen to burn then an after sun cream with aloe vera will do just the trick!

Hopefully this little checklist will ensure you don’t have any holiday packing disasters! We would always recommend writing up a holiday checklist before you begin your packing. That way you can tick everything off when you do come around to packing, and avoid any mishaps. But most of all, kickback and enjoy your well-earned break!