Gadget geeks are common today. Having said that, we mean, with the fast changing technology, gadgets around the world have evolved fast keeping pace with the fantasies of the people around it. The toy drone Syma X56W is a product of the modern technology that complements one’s fantasies of flying high. However, this gadget is recommended for the youngsters aged around 14 years and above. But, you too can enjoy playing with this gadget and restore newfound youth in you. The company RCmoment has brought this gadget to you.

Key features of Syma X56W:

  • Foldable design: You will be happy to know that Syma X56W has a foldable design. Having said that, we mean, its hands are foldable. It thus becomes a small pack after its complete folding. You can, therefore, carry this drone to places effortlessly. This, in other words, construes that this drone sets you free for the mobility. You can simply carry this drone in your pocket.
  • Seductive colour code: Having seen this drone for the first time, you will love to buy one for your kids. It’s something like the love at first sight, especially in the presence of its sound aesthetics and a seductive colour combination of red and black.
  • Design: This is yet another important aspect of this drone. It has been sound with a minimalistic design. Thus, this drone stands out in the market and becomes a point of talking to the toy drone lovers.
  • Camera: This toy drone is fitted with a 0.3MP camera and a G sensor. It is thus congenial for selfie shooting with your family and friends.
  • Powerful remote: It is a powerful remote controlled device and you can manage it to fly at a distance up to 150m from the control switch.
  • Base material: Though it weighs around 774 gm, the base materials used in the making of this drone are plastic and metal. Thus, it is not suitable for the children below the age of 14 years.
  • Controller battery: The remote control unit requires 4 units of AA battery for its functioning.
  • Flight time: The average flight time of this drone is quite high compared to the other drones of its class. It can fly up to 10 minutes at a stretch before it swoops down for recharging.
  • Motor: It has a powerful brushless motor that is simply unmatched. To precise, this brushless motor gives this drone an extra flight time on one hand and more power on the other compared to the brushed motors for the drones.
  • Charging time: The source of power to this drone is a battery that takes around 110 minutes to recharge. It means after a single use, you have to wait for close to 2 hours before it could take the next flight.

The list of features of this drone isn’t complete. In fact, with its regular flight, you would become familiar with the other features of this drone too that may be congenial to you and your children. It is available in two dimensions, namely 21.5×21.5×5.5-inch and 8.5×8.5×2.2-inch.