People in love prefer spending their wedding ceremony in Thessaloniki because of the amazing atmosphere and well-developed infrastructure of this Greek part. The territory helps you to spend your wedding ceremony and honey moon all together. What is more, the city is rich in stylish wedding locations, hospitable hotel complexes, gardens, huge squares, historical attractions, massive rocks and hidden romantic bays. Just hire a car in Thessaloniki and go to find any of the offered locations. You may go and see all of them first to decide what kind of wedding ceremony you want or do not want.

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Beach Wedding at Halkidiki

Do you want to have the most romantic and beautiful wedding in Greece? Of course, all you need is beach wedding close to the deep blue sea. You can choose one of many picturesque bays at Halkidiki. As a rule, traditional wedding color for the beach wedding is blue and powder-blue. Locals believe that blue color protects new family from the troubles and sorrow. Everything is clear enough. If Greece is a country of sunny weather, Halkidiki Peninsula is the warmest and sunniest place in the country. There are 300 sunny days in the year. Good weather is accomplished with rich plants and romantic landscapes.

It must be a real feast, spiced with the fresh breeze, warm sand and snow-white flowers. If you want to make your wedding the most extremely date than ever, you have to swim in the sea side by side with your husband-wife just in your wedding clothes. The atmosphere will be amazing, sunny, windy and extremely hot. What else did you expect?


Wedding Ceremony in Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel

Symbolic wedding has a list of advantages. First of all, you may say Good bye to all official nuances and enjoy your special date. This is your day and you may spend it in your special way. The boutique hotel is situated on the territory of the popular Greek resort Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel to be the wedding of your dream. The hotel design supposes to have the big choice of wedding platforms for different tastes: private terraces with swimming pools, glamorous patio, antique decorations to plan your antique wedding. The picturesque beaches, sandy platform, green gardens will help you.

Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel gives you a lot. It does not matter whether you are going to have a big party or dinner for two. You may take any of your great ideas and implement it into life. How about private wedding or noisy party for the whole night? This is favorable platform to realize all your dreams and make your party unforgettable.

Nea Skioni Beach Wedding

Greece is one of the most popular directions for wedding. Of course, the place that is mostly picked for wedding ceremony is beach. Traditionally, beach wedding ceremony attracts people with its beauty, special atmosphere that you can find just in the beach resort. Nea Skioni Beach wedding meets all your requirements to the full. You will not be disappointed. The cozy and exotic sea line of the Nea Skioni welcomes you with the crystal clean water and bright Greek sun. Do you want to have party? You may have it!

If you have no ideas about making your wedding more emotional and bright, you may use professional experience. The wedding agencies from all over the world welcome you with their special ideas in decoration, photo session, banquet nuances, music and other important moments.

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Halkidiki Olive Wedding

This wedding offer is especially attractive for classic lovers and everyone who likes beautiful natural surroundings. The wedding platform is decorated with natural decorations: pistachio trees, juicy greenery, golden olives. Olive tree is a visiting card of Greece to be the symbol of love and permanence. This is not only a good opportunity for wedding to be the strongest ever but the strength of your life principles and positions. As a matter of fact, Greek wedding ceremony in the olive garden in Halkidiki is very popular for the newborn family.

Olive crown was the honorable award for Gods, popular politicians, warriors, poets and heroes. Of course, the time of heroes is far away in the past. Nevertheless, olive tradition is still up to date. Romantic olive traditions help people in love to secure their marriage and happiness with the help of ancient Greek protectors. The place is perfect and the wedding traditions are also perfect. You may change the color of your ceremony into green or white.

Halkidiki Antique Wedding

If you like antique myths and interesting traditions, if you are inspired with the glorious Greek history, you may try to make your wedding date more than special. You may order Greek ceremony, antique decorations, olive trees and olive crowns for just married and ancient atmosphere. All this beauty is able to make you a real Greek Goddess or Olympic hero. How about making your friends handsome Adonis, all-powerful Zeus, charming Hestia or beautiful Aphrodite? Anyway, sunny Greece can make your special day unforgettable. One way or another, Greece is rich in colorful and hospitable characters.

So, there is a great opportunity to become someone cool and historically important. If you need help in decorations and special clothes and jewelry, you may rent it. As a rule Halkidiki Peninsular is very popular place for celebration. Look around! You may choose the sea coast, picturesque bays, green chapels or fashionable hotel rooms and swimming pools. How about antique villa?


There is one more interesting variant for wedding – official wedding ceremony in Greece. Pay attention to Halkidiki. This peninsular attracts people attention to be the most romantic place for wedding. Romantic couples from all over the world come to see this place in their special day. You can see clean sea, rich nature, always pleasant weather. Greece is a natural wedding platform that helps to implement all you crazy ideas into life. Just learn the list of tips that you are given before. They can be useful in decoration, location and wedding ideas.