Your passwords are the best defense against identity thieves and hackers in general. It is not practicable a paperless office without a good password management.

Sometimes we do not realize the amount of information online about us and while there are sites that protect that information to the hilt, the fact remains that others are not so careful.

However we must never forget is that protection systems continuously evolve because hackers do too, not the best system resists if not permanently evolving. Hackers are always eager to discover the so-called “security holes”.

Either way the first and most important weak link in the security chain is the user himself: you, me, anyone.

One of the main problems is the use of a single password to access various places, so if a thief is discovered, you have access to many places and probably even your bank account …

Another related problem is the use of a weak password, date of birth, the name of the puppy, the home address, the name of one of the children / as are alternative appalling. If we combine the two problems mentioned, we are at the door of a disaster.

The solution? Create complex and different passwords for every occasion.

How to Create Complex and Strong Passwords

Strong passwords contain a combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols and do not form words found in the dictionary, written backwards replaced by numbers or letters words, all classic examples of encryption. And they are long, she no longer goes password 4 or 6 characters.

Also keep in mind the so-called social engineering, the amount of data in our lives (name of children, you went to school, name of your best friend, etc., all these data that a person with a little effort can infer about you) and can risk to discover your password.

And good passwords are long, it no longer goes password 4 or 6 characters.

In short, the more complex and time is a password, the more secure it is. As you would imagine, use like password management softwares relieves you the task, having to remember only one master password.

Using Password Management Softwares

If we meet all these requirements the problem is how to remember many passwords and so complicated? And here comes to our rescue the password management softwares.

If you insist on record your passwords on paper (what NOT recommend) it is important that you keep in a safe place waterproof and fire, and out of reach of curious sight. As with backups is important to keep a second copy in a completely different place, if you have a safe deposit box at a bank, that would be an attractive possibility. And another detail, never store your passwords with a title (keys, or passwords) although it is quite evident that it is not necessary to make work easier for thieves, nor save the entire password but a track you allows back.

An alternative to creating a strong password is to use some websites which allow us to create strong passwords like this, for example: kzL4ekfr8rsAnf1uLe or even better this: Q &; je:% {wZ4RNfFUu!

But how are you going to agree to such a hieroglyph? Definitely the best password in the world does little good if you can not remember it.

Finally, know that passwords age and it is a good practice to change them regularly, do not let more than 90 days.