You would be surprised just how much thing as simple as your site name can affect the way your business is doing. Having the right name for your business’s website can sometimes really do wonders. This however is not an easy task. Everything that is worth in life never comes easy so in order to determine the best name for your business or your site there are several things you need to know. While most of these factors are quite simple there is one issue that is simply too important to be left to wait. Choosing the right domain name for your business is often crucial for its success.

What Domain Name should you Use?

Most people make a classic mistake of believing that they should come up with different names for their business and their domain. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with this option either. However, why not make everything substantially simpler by choosing one name for both your business and your domain. This way, you will avoid a lot of confusion and everyone who has ever heard of your business will know exactly where to find you.

Do not Overthink the Whole Deal

Even though a catchy name is often vital, sometimes it can make things more complicated. A first item on your agenda should be keeping your domain name simple. Just imagine if you had one phrase or word to describe what your business is all about, if you had to choose one utterance to define you. By finding the answer to this question you would most probably also find your perfect domain name. Take for example one of the world’s greatest fitness websites, from the very start it is more than obvious of what they deal in. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same thing yourself.

Long or Short?

The debate concerning long versus short domain names is a never-ending one. Pros and cons of both sides are based on some strong arguments. You have 67 characters available to make your domain name but how much should you actually use is the real question here? This also means that there is no need for you to make weird abbreviations when you can just type in the full name of your business. Especially since some abbreviations make letter sequences that are almost impossible to memorize. Still, there are some pretty great abbreviations that can, on their own, turn you into a brand. As we said at the beginning, finding an adequate answer here is hardly obtainable.

The choice of the Domain

Apart from choosing the right domain name, the choice of the domain itself is extremely important. Even though most people will automatically assume that your URL ends with .com, this doesn’t have to be the case. Choosing an alternative like domain.ME is a great choice for several reasons. One of them being that that they are a lot less crowded than .com or .net, which means that the availability of names is much higher. When choosing the .ME domain name you will have a lot more freedom. This can also make a SEO job here a lot simpler. Some of the most creative choices were made by Mercedes-Benz like “Move.ME,” “Connect.ME,” “Assist.ME,” “Finance.ME,” “Inspire.ME” and of course Aweso.ME.

The Power Of Domain Names: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Even though formally they are allowed in your domain name, they usually do more bad than good so it is advisable that both hyphens and numbers are avoided whenever possible. People trying to find you sometimes won’t be able to remember whether or not to put hyphen and this can be quite frustrating. Another thing that can further confuse people is trying to remember whether you spelled out the number or just left it in its numerical form. This however is easily avoidable.

In the end, when your business is online, every single detail deserves your full and undivided attention. Combine this with the fact that the name of your domain is hardly an insignificant detail and you will get the whole picture. Take all the time you need to think of your domain name and always remember to keep it simple yet memorable.