Web Hosting is an online service that provides space for websites. It is sort of like renting a place to stay. When you create a website and want to publish it for other people to see, you will need to use a web hosting service. This works by storing your website information and connecting it to a very speedy network. When someone types your address, i.e. http://www.yahoo.com, the Internet connects to the server holding your files and then transfers the information back to their computer. From here on your website is visible to the public.

There are many companies that manage these web servers and its related software and security, support and speed. They provide hosting services to countless number of websites and have special data centers that are created for the main purpose of web hosting. There are different types of hosting with one of them being Reseller hosting services.

What Is meant by Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the term given when a personal or professional business uses the server resources and network infrastructure of a specific provider and markets it as their own.

This method is the easiest technique to start your own web hosting company. By incorporating the Web Host Manager control panel you can administernumerous clients who will have access to their own control panel  and this can help to make the necessary changes and updates to their web hosting account.

If you are an expert in graphic design, web site development or online marketing then opting to become a web hosting reseller can be a great way to expand your business whilst earning some extra income.

With Reseller Hosting services you are able to:

  • turn into your own hosting company
  • produce your own customized hosting plans
  • Provide and bill your customers under your own company name.

Domain Names

It can be hard to get your head around all the fancy tech jargon but when it comes to web hosting and its related divisions but the most important thing to remember is Domain names. A domain name enables you to make your website public so it’s viewable to the target audience. In simpler words, the domain name is your company’s internet address which can be likened to a street address used to find a house or building. Take this into consideration and pick a domain name that is relevant to your business.

Buying a domain name is a simple and straightforward process. Do your research and find a plan that is the most suitable for your needs. You can find domain names from $5 to $25 per year. Lots of website building providers also includes a free domain which makes it easier for businesses to tie in the website and domain together.