When it comes to plumbing and heating there are a number of things that people don’t think about, to a certain degree I guess that we all take our plumbing and heating systems for granted until something goes wrong that this shouldn’t be the case.

In this article I’m going to detail some of the things that you should do and some of the things you should avoid doing in order to maintain a fully functioning plumbing and heating system. Let’s get started with some other things that you shouldn’t do.

Flushing Large Objects Down the Toilet

For some people this might just be common sense, but for others, they presume that they can get away with it until they eventually come unstuck. Flushing things like baby’s nappies or sanitary towels can quickly cause pipes to become blocked and you would therefore have to incur extra expense to have a professional come out and unblock them.

Planting Trees by Underground Pipework

The positioning of pipework isn’t something that instantly jumps to mind when you’re doing your gardening however it is something that should be considered. The roots of trees or large shrubs can become much bigger over time and can actually force underground pipework to crack which will cause leaks. If these leaks are near the foundations of your house then the problem is that you could be facing a much more substantial.

Ignoring Small Problems

Many people have increasingly busy lifestyles and therefore small problems such as a dripping tap generally get put on the backburner and ignored for many months. It is only when these small problems turn into much larger issues that people generally call a plumber. Unfortunately by this time it is often too late for a quick repair and so much more time and money needs to be spent in order to get the issue resolved.

Pouring Fats Down the Sink

Just because fat is in liquid form when you are cooking that does not mean that it will stay in liquid form when you pour it down your sink. Doing this on a regular basis can result in blockages and again time and money will need to be spent to resolve the problem.

Now let’s look at a couple of things that you should be doing.

Insulating Pipework

If you have pipework that will be exposed to low temperatures than it is worth insulating it to reduce the risk of pipes cracking when the freezing weather arrives. This simple action can save hundreds of pounds in unexpected repair bills.

Know where your Shut-off Valves are Located

It’s actually quite surprising how many people do not know how to shut off the water if they get a leak and this lack of knowledge can result in a lot more damage to carpets and furniture. You should make a point of seeking out and remembering where all shut-off valves are for your heating system and if you can’t find them then you should contact a professional who will be able to locate these for you.

Check that your Heating is Working in the Summer

Obviously you won’t want to leave your heating on for hours at a time during the hot weather but it is still advisable that you turn it on occasionally and check that everything is working. This will give you the opportunity to spot any problems before the cold weather arrives and you will have the time to get these problems resolved without having to pay prices for emergency plumbing services.

There are a number of other things that you should do and avoid but the main thing to remember is that common sense should prevail. Think about the impact that things could have on your plumbing and heating system rather than just taking it for granted and this will help you to avoid many of the more common issues.