Lifting industry is a risky yet necessary domain for carrying out different lifting practices and this is the reason there exists numerous device alternatives to handpick the most suitable item. As per the business requisites, any equipment ranging from material handling and height safety equipment to the rigging or hoisting device can meet the desired lifting needs of any work location.

Before you decide which type of the device to take from a reliable lifting store, it is important to know the variety of lifting devices available in the marketplace. Moreover, it is advisable to check the specifications of the device to determine if it is right to carry safe load.

There are majorly 3 types of the devices that are mostly used in any lifting practice-

  • Lifting chains
  • Wire ropes
  • Soft lifting equipment

Chain equipment are the durable product category among all the available versions, and are extremely flexible, heat and wear-resistant, recyclable and easy to carry. They are equipped with a vast array of components to give effortless results.

Similarly, wire ropes are manufactured from steel and lightweight as compared to chain. They are suitable to lift heavy loads and are recyclable, rust protected and hot-dip galvanized.

Soft or Polyester lifting equipment are light in weight, alkali sensitive, flexible, easy to store and 100% recyclable. It is suitable to handle fragile goods and sensitive to sharp edges.

Let’s check out some important terminologies used frequently in the lifting industry-

Working Load Limit- Maximum limit of mass a lifting device is able to hold in general during any operation.

Breaking Force- The maximum force that can be attained in any static tensile test.

Safety Factor- The connection among breaking force and working load limit.

Total Ultimate Elongation- Measure of ductility and toughness which states the elongation of a chain when it breaks.

Manufacturing Proof Force- The force to which lifting equipment or its components are verified prior to delivery.
Effective Working Length- Length in the mid of load bearing points of a chain sling which is unloaded.

Final Gist

The choice of right equipment is always a must but similarly, a reliable manufacturer like Camlok UK assures that the product you are using is safe enough to withhold all loads. You only need to assure that you are dealing with a well-known lifting equipment store that holds only trusted brands.

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