Psychological Ailments:

            Humans face two types of health issues, one which concerns the body and the second which concerns the mind. When you are sick in either of the two areas, you cannot perform to your fullest and you see many fantastic opportunities passing by and you can only sit there and watch them all slip away right under your nose. This is a very pathetic situation to be in and not only do you feel it painful but you will have actual physical pain due to your constant thinking of the bodily problem. When pain is contained, there are many flood gates that open up for you to achieve and be productive. There are several mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of focus, attention deficiency, and many more. But these can be solved by the right kind of medication which produces no serious side effects and is naturally available and in plenty.

The Remedy:

            Here, the world’s most wanted remedy is kratom which has become so popular that it has been considered the most sought after remedy as well. Many physicians also recommend and prescribe the medication. This is extracted from the plant called mitragyna speciosa of which many strains are available. The most popular types of kratom are the red bali, the green borneo strain, the white borneo strain and the ultra enhanced indo, premium indo kratom and many more. You can choose the type which works well for you and which is available nearby or order it online to purchase right from home. These different strains somewhat differ in their properties but the main alkaloid called seven hydroxy mitragynin is what we have to look for as this is the compound that does all the curing.

How it is Done:

            Since kratom is an herbal remedy, it comes from the leaves of the above mentioned tree. The tree can be planted anywhere depending upon the soil and environmental conditions. There are many varieties that grow specially in the Asian region such as bali, Thailand, borneo and many others. The seed can be planted to raise a sapling and use of fertilizer may be carried out. Once the leaves shoot out, it becomes quite independent and with little care, it can grow into a hardy tree. The leaves are the most harvested part of the plant and the next part is the seed. These are made into the powder form or the extract form which can be had twice a day with food. The medication has to be taken in a much disciplined manner once in the morning and once before going to sleep.

The Cures:

            It is known to cure several ailments of the mind and body. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, general weakness, lethargy and lack of attention symptoms can all be cured by the use of these medications. It is also used to cure insomnia, which is the root cause of many mental ailments, it adds to the motivation by giving more energy as the person is well rested and it adds to the focus of the person.

Do it yourself!

            If you are very enthusiastic about growing the plant in your front or back yard, it is a great idea since the seeds might lose their potency while on the transit. Just follow the steps and techniques and make sure that the plant gets enough sunlight as it is a native plant of the tropical climate. However, before you do just find out more about the most popular types of kratom and you will have medicinal supply all through the year.