It may be that you plan to remodel your entire bathroom to create a new and improved look or you may simply have an ongoing problem with your toilet in need of a fix. Whatever your situation, the right plumbers will help you to remove the old toilet without incident and then replace it with a brand-new upgraded option with more amenities than the original. That said, many homeowners keep their old toilets years longer than they should simply because they are unaware of the signs indicating the need for a replacement. Knowing such signs ahead of time may save you from the cost of water damage repairs.


Plumbing services in Central Coast are available throughout the year, allowing you to call on professional help at the first sign of trouble, such as a slow leak from your toilet’s tank or bowl. This small leak may cause only a drop or two of water to escape a minute, allowing the leak to go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even months and the eventual development of water damage. If you notice or even suspect that you have a leak from the bowl or tank of your toilet, you must not only call on a great plumber to help find the source of the leak but you must also have your flooring and subflooring checked for any hidden damage that was caused.

Leaks also consume your water, steadily increasing your monthly bills until you find yourself losing hundreds each year to water that you never even use. A single leak may lose you tens of thousands of litres over the course of a year and replacement is often the best solution compared to repairs because leaks are likely to return. This is your money and property on the line so it is in your best interests to act quickly once you notice any leaking.

Poor Water Conservation

It may be time for you to replace your toilet simply because of its old age and the age of your toilet may be causing more trouble than you know by adding to your monthly utility bills. Toilets built before 1980 use much more water per flush than modern options, consuming as many as 26.5 litres of water per flush, compared to modern toilets that use a fraction of that amount. Simply by replacing your old toilet with something newer, you save hundreds of litres a month. You may easily ascertain the age of your toilet by checking the date placed inside the tank.


It may be that you scrub your toilet clean as often or even more often than is recommended but stains will nevertheless begin to appear over years of use. Once you are no longer able to scrub away the discolouration, it is time for you to consider a replacement for the sake of aesthetics. Stains are unpleasant to see and may perturb guests in your home so you want them gone if you ever plan to sell the property in the near or distant future.