Revenge porn is the shadiest kind of a revenge where your ex-lover might use your pictures online and get a kick out of it. It is your duty to protect your identity and privacy against such a criminalizing behavior. There are people with bad intentions, and teenagers, especially be protected from getting into such traps.

The victims who have been criminalized this way go through a lot of humiliation and disgrace. When it comes to protecting your privacy and copyright infringement rights, you must know what kind of laws can protect you and do not. It is better to stay safe than be sorry. The law related to cyber space where nudity and privacy is concerned are murky and it takes you a lot of endurance and persistence to get them removes. Since, every website is governed by a certain set of terms and conditions it will not be easy to get any inappropriate pictures removed online.

Every state has different laws for use of pictures

  1. Pictures that get distributed as a result of revenge porn are punishable by criminal law.
  2. If you own the copyrights of the pictures, you have better chances of getting them removed.
  3. If the person takes your pictures with or without your consent owns the copyrights.
  4. This is as per the federal law of U.S
  5. Every country has a different set of laws that need not be the same in every country.
  6. If any website demands you to remove the picture for money, you can sue them for extortion.
  7. Since, this act can lead to harassment and stalking, you can take a restraining court order.
  8. Though this is a criminalizing behavior, it can raise many concerns.

People who cannot be held liable for the distributed pictures

The laws concerning the cyber-attacks related to nudity are tacky. In any case, the pictures cannot be distributed. Also, the ISP cannot be held responsible if such an offence takes place. People who look at the distributed pictures cannot be held liable for the offence either. Teenagers must always be cautioned about the revenge porn as it can have serious social and psychological implication on the individual. Click for more information.

Signs of criminalizing behavior

Teenagers are the most vulnerable to these attacks. There are security apps available that help parents keep a track of the behavior and whereabouts of their teens, so they can prevent these incidents. Anyone who invades your privacy has the intention of misusing your personal information with ill intentions. The only way to stop and prevent teenagers and children from such incidents is to make them aware of the intentions of people who try to get closer to them.


The adult industry is the murkiest that is governed by stringent laws. Any individual can fall into these traps and it could adversely affect their lives. It is important to stay on guard, and contact an attorney immediately, in case you detect privacy threat.