You have a new website and you have put some efforts in driving traffic and you have even written some content to create a list of backlinks? Your trafiic might be going up, but does your website conversion change? If the answer is no, we are offering you a list of smart techniques to change that and improve your conversion.

Tips For Improving Website Conversion Rates

Tip 1. Offer something for free

People are not easily impressed or in a rush to buy these days. They are much more choosy because the offer is high. Don’t be so sure that they will be dying to buy your product or service. You can change that by offering them something for free – discounts, special pricing, free services, good information – all this will be appreciated and will lead to better conversion rates.

Tip 2. Be specific

This a quite important tip for improving website conversion rates. Visitors of your website will need specific information so don’t waste their and your time by creating too much useless content. Details are important but try hard to stay focused on the most crucial ones.

Tip 3. Promote action

Your website might look great and you might think this is enough for running a business, but you will need to come up with ways to make your visitors active. That is to say, don’t be pushy, but motivate them to engage in your business.

Tip 4. Add various media

Words, words, words. Too much text can drive visitors away. It can be boring and it seems old-fashioned. Use all the kinds of media we have these days – video, music, voice, pictures, all this will add variety and quality to your page and will make it memorable.

Tip 5. Stay close to your client

People will appreciate special attention and will be flattered and pleasantly surprised if a company shows them some personality. Build a relationship with your clients. Give them incentive to stay loyal and they will always come back to your business.

Tip 6. Discover your real clients

Do you really know your market? Never take anything for granted and get the habit of analysing the trends and the results of your business operations. That will help you to stay close to reality, to avoid too optimistic or too pessimistic approaches and to find your real audience.

Tip 7. Make tests

You have a certain feeling that something will work for your business? Test it! Never forget to constantly test your website for the quality of its content, traffic, titles, media and other factors which can improve website conversion rates. Be sure to run such tests every once in a while and keep data reflecting your results.

Tip 8. Showcase with pride!

Don’t be shy, if your product is good, make everything to promote it well. Publish good clients’ reviews, try to be unique with your design, showcase your original content. Do anything to stand out of the crowd and be sure that sooner or later your audience will be impressed.