There are a number of patients out there who are looking out for bone marrow donors or stem cells donors. These bone marrows are very crucial for a person’s health as they help a lot in making the body a lot healthy and efficient. Many people who are suffering with certain life threatening diseases depend of bone marrow transplants as these transplants can help the body building the red and white blood cells or blood platelets or even the bone marrow cells. There are two kinds of bone marrow transplants and which transplant a person is going to get is at the discretion of the doctor as it is totally dependent on the health condition of the person.

The two transplants types are:

Autologous transplants – Wherein the patient’s own stem cells are gatheredand then therapies like radiation or chemotherapy are performed. Later on this healthy bone marrow cell is transplanted back in the body after the radiation or chemotherapy is over. This therapy is only considered if the patients have a healthy bone marrow.

Allogeneic transplants– Are those in which the cells of the donor are used if the patient’s bone marrow cells are totally damaged. They will then be given medications so that the immune system could be suppressed and any kind of attack on the new cells could be prevented.

If you are one of the potential donors, have the following tips in mind:

  1. Feel good factor –With the high cost of bone marrow transplant in India, the donor should be happy that at least he is contributing to save someone’s life. This is an opportunity in itself to do well and feel good about yourself so be proud of what you are doing and feel good.
  2. Stay committed –In case you have your doubts and you feel that you won’t be able to do it, please consult the doctor once. As mentioned earlier there are millions of people who are looking for a bone marrow transplant donor so if you change your decision, the life of some patient could be put at stake so it is best to stay committed to the cause and ensure that your commitment is honored so that a life could be saved.
  3. Inspiration to others –Well, the donors can surely put up a post on their social media page and let everyone know of how they have managed to save a life. You can surely brag about your experience and then who knows you might be an inspiration to everyone out there. This could also bring about a positive change and many lives could be saved.
  4. Be open to the medical procedures –This is very crucial as many donors who consider the surgical procedure must decide with their doctor regarding either of the two treatments which are apheresis and bone marrow harvest. The donors must prepare for their medical procedure and keep the cost of bone marrow transplant in Indiaout of your mind for sometime.
  5. Connect if you want – You may also connect with the patient you donated your bone marrow to. This would help you know how big of a difference you have made to someone’s life.