If you want your blog to have many visitors, you will have to work hard for that, but hey, nobody said that keeping a successful blog is easy. There are millions of blogs out there, so if you want to make a lasting impression, you will have to get creative and use some of the following tips for increasing the visibility of your content.

Top 10 Tips For Traffic Optimising Of Your Site

Put your blog in the Directories

Blog directories can be extremely useful for any blogger no matter whether they have experience or not. These directories contain detailed listings and rankings of the blogs on the net. It’s something like the Yellow Pages but for bloggers. Make sure your content exists there as that’s a sure way to get noticed and found, which your goal is after al. The directories are quite popular on the Internet so you won’t have trouble finding them quickly.

Get popular with your buddies

Another useful way to gain audience is to create a blogging ring. That means that your fellow bloggers like you and are ok to put a link to your internet page on their own blogs. This is a win-win situation as both parties can increase their popularity.

Check out the directories for articles

Quality writing and useful information are quite appreciated these days so providing such service can make you very sought-after. Produce good content and your links will get clicked on in no time.

Be up-to-date with the social networks

Social networking can be a great way to naturally increase your traffic – use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all of the smaller ones to promote your page.

Facebook ad campaigns can be your answer

This social network enjoys huge popularity so why not get advantage of it? The ad campaigns there are quite efficient as you will have to pay only when somebody actually clicks on your link. They also offer you the possibility to control who sees your ad and when.

Make comments on other pages

If you can express yourself in a way that draws attention, this will make the readers follow you. Be creative and interesting, stick to your targeted audience and the rest will follow.

Link other pages

Every blogger is able to write an article about other people’s content. So link other people and they will link you the same way. The more often you do that in your blog, the better.

Give an award

Create a contest in your blog – people love competitions and if you are creative enough to lure them with a fancy prize, they will flood your blog. Keep it simple as you don’t want to discourage your readers. Give them a good chance to win and they will pay you back with many visits to your page and referrals to it. You can turn that into a tradition and enjoy the loyalty of your readers.

There is no negative publicity

Yes, all publicity is good publicity. Publish a comment that has some contrary or provocative views and prepare for the opposite response. People love to argue and they will not give up until their opinion is accepted so this could be a great way to keep some of your visitors on your page – just give them something to talk and argue about. Be argumentative and stake your views, the heat will make you popular.

Ease the life of your visitors

So you have a lot of readers but they don’t stay for long on your blog? Offer them a really easy subscription and don’t complicate their life with unneeded features. They will appreciate that and you will gain in return a better traffic. Be a good host and your guests won’t want to leave your place, which is your goal after all.