The war for the hardware and software market has intensified lately with the increasing demand for smartphones and tablets. Presently, there are five leading providers of smartphone operating systems namely Google Android, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, and Microsoft. Google’s Android enjoys the largest demand, constituting over 50% of the market share. This post will help you to understand why the Google Android operating system is the best mobile OS.

Android is free and open source OS

Google’s Android OS open nature is the greatest contributor to its popularity. Third parties can obtain the app for free and customize it for more effectiveness and better convenience. Numerous app developers all over the world freely design applications for Android. The Android apps are available for free on the Android Market. Also, the open source capability is a key driver for mobile phone manufacturers to design their phones using the Android operating system. It is no wonder that the Android OS has leapfrogged older OS manufacturers into the gaming industry.

Supported by Google

Google creates and offers a range of free applications on the Android OS. The firm scraps older apps which fail to work or achieve their intended purpose. At the same time, the it develops newer apps and modifications to older apps. Google is committed to data in a big way. The firm offers its users huge chunks of information stored on the web. Android is part of Google’s experimentation projects, tapping into greater innovative talents from all over the globe. Other OS manufacturers are lacking creativity and innovation. Android attracts creative and innovative talents, contributing to its popularity.

Hardware diversity

Android has a diversified mix of firms manufacturing a range of products. Companies such as Sony, HTC, and Samsung, among others are always ready to offer the highest specs whenever new technologies emerge since Android has no central dictating company. Other OS companies remain stuck in previous generation hardware technologies.


Cross-platform OS

Android is a cross-platform OS, running on many types of devices. The OS runs on smartphones, televisions, tablets, refrigerators, Android mini PCs, karaoke machines, cameras, car navigation, Android-based smartwatches like the new invisible watch, and Ouya. Android OS is flexible and adaptable to various screen configuration hence its wider acceptability. With Android OS, a single code base is developed and then compiled to run on different platforms.

Extensive language support

Android OS system supports 70 languages, implying a wider reach. Many OS manufacturers tend to stick with the English interface. Android beats other OS in that it ships non-English interfaces. The OS has millions of users in over 190 countries, owing to the localization of the app.

Enormous app store

Android executes apps and arranges system resources in an unbeatable manner. Android has developed over one million apps. As an Android user in need of an app to download, you only need to go to the app store, search for the app, click download, and voila! Many OS providers do not support the app store feature. The main disadvantage of the windows OS is its lack of an organized app. Firefox Marketplace and Ubuntu Touch Apps are still upcoming and in no way comparable to the Android’s Google Play store.