What is Brindisi? What do you know about Brindisi? Coming here, you can get lots of wine, pleasant beaches, rich history, culture and architecture. You should try everything to feel Brindisi. This is a place of chic apartments, attracting tourists with the list of above mentioned list: wine, beaches, resorts, architecture.

The sunny resorts and well-equipped beaches of Puglia welcome all fans of the beach family resorts. If you like active leisure like diving, surfing, windsurfing – come and see! If you are fond of excursion tourism and educational programs, you may learn many interesting monuments and architectural samples, situated in Puglia territory. Visit the cities and little towns on Puglia to meet local culture, parks, natural parks, picturesque landscapes. This is also a good start for ecological tourists. Want more? You can visit Puglia resorts that are famous of healing sulphuric water.

Beach Line

Brindisi resorts are situated along the beach line. The local beaches look like sandy territory and stony shore. It is incredible! Brindisi province contains more than 80 kilometers of the beach line. The big part of it belongs to hotels. Nevertheless, you can find the unique faraway places to spend time with pleasure. For example, never miss Torre Guaceto – national park and beach at the same name. Let’s hire a car in Brindisi airport to drive the Puglia territory around to find the local beaches and resort zones.

Vieste coast is famous of its clear water line and snow-white beaches. This is the place to participate the International Yacht Competitions. Thus, if you want to have some rest with your kids, you should go to the Southern beach – Lido San Giovanni. If you want to get to the picturesque place with the stony bays, never miss Marina di Andrano resort complex. The next exciting sea coast of Puglia is Brindisi province. This is the territory of the best Italian beaches that are ready to win all hearts. The next point is Margherita di Savoia – thermal spa. Let us visit Italian provinces one by one.

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This is the South of Puglia – beautiful landscapes along the province road. Vignanotica looks like the territory that you usually think of the real paradise. The water is crystal clear; the stones are masterfully polished with the sea water; the beach is surrounded by huge stones – this all makes Vignanotica one of the best picturesque bays in the shore of the Adriatic Sea. If you are fond of kayaking, this is the best place for you.

Driving further, along the Adriatic Sea line, you come close to the Capitulo BayThe landscapes are different: low mountains, narrow beach territory, numerous stony islands here and there. The solid and scaring nature is pleasant to touch. Capitulo Bay is an oasis of underwater world. This is the right place for diving or snorkeling.

Let us go! It is time to stop close to Santa Maria di Leuca the beach territory between Adriatic and Ionian Sea. This exotic resort offers to see two powerful sea elements of amazing colors. If you are rather adventurous traveller – never miss boating voyage to explore the variety of caves and grottos everywhere around. The experience is impressive!


On your way from the South to North you face Gallipoli area. This picturesque island is connected with the continent by the narrow neck of land. You should swim in the pleasant water near the Riviera Sauro. The landscape is unique: clear water, azure colors, to be sure.



Lido Morelli is spread out for two kilometers. It is famous of its soft white sand. This is the best-visiting beach in Ostuni. There are many people here in summer. It cannot stop you from a having a good rest. The next point is Torre Pozzella of the same province. It is situated 7 kilometers far from Ostuni. It is famous of its naked nature. Actually, this is the wild beach territory, covered with mountains and rocks, Mediterranean greenery. The water is the sea is absolutely clear.


Get in your car and drive to the very South point. You should stop in Torre Guaceto – territory of the sea natural park. You can leave your car and have a nice walk. Try to get to the sea: naked bays, wild nature, and deep sky. All this beauty is reflected in the clear sea water. It looks exciting! This is the beach for everyone, who wants to relax.

Le cale di Otranto


Torre Santa Sabina is situated 20 kilometers far from the administrative center. This territory is rather popular in the province. Nevertheless, there is enough space for having good rest. Look at this soft gold sand! Guna Beach is your next point to stop. This is a good rest for adults: sunshades, sunbeds, well-equipped territory, bar. It is not very convenient to come here with little children. The sea shore goes down and down to the sea. It is not very convenient for kids. Nevertheless, the wine is tasty, the service is high. This is a good alternative to the wild beach. Civilization forever! Try to book hotel beforehand.


The last check point on your way through the Puglia provinces is going to be Taranto shore. This are is characterized with sandy beaches and waterside dunes. The beaches are mostly desert. The sea is calm and shallow – perfect place to take your kids with you. Never miss Torre Colimena that is situated in the deep province. The sandy beach line goes to the infinity point. The view is exciting!

At the beach

The beaches of Brindisi, as far as the rest of Puglia beaches, are situated to the North from the city. They offer soft golden sand and azure waves. You can meet rocky mountains, deep water, wild nature. You may choose. The nearest wild beach lies not far from the airport. Thus, you can start right here, watching the planes. There are many hotels here. Thus, it is not a problem to find the best place to live in, changing beaches like a woman changes clothes.