Now, many are buying on online stores as it is fast and convenient. In the online stores, prices are often lower than in the local retail stores, and there are goods sold online that are not so easy to find in regular stores. However, buying on the online store, even such inexpensive things as home appliances, might be scary: you have to pay first, and no one knows when the goods will come.

Thus, we have decided to make a list of 4 signs of a good and reliable online store on which you can buy things without any doubts. The more of these features you find on the online store, you are going to do shopping – the better it will be.

  1. Managers are open to a dialogue: 

A good sign is when the managers are open to a dialogue with you. The phone for communication should be written in large letter and it should be places on a prominent place. A good online store should also have some presence on social networks, where you can find profiles of managers and contact them. It is also good, if the site has an online consultant – it is a small window where you can communicate with the store employee.

The response rate to email also speaks about the interest of managers to work with you. If the company is serious, then the replies should come fast. If you do not receive a reply within a week, then you might want to think whether you actually want to buy anything on such an online store.

  1. The site looks nice and works without any serious errors 

A website for an online shop is like a billboard. If it is not made professionally – it should prompt you to reflect on the fact that this store is not so good. You do not buy food at some sketchy shops in the slums, do you? The site should be beautiful, user-friendly and clear.

  1. The phone works, people talk to you politely 

Now it is time to see how shop managers talk. Call the site and ask some simple question. Ask how quickly they can ship your order, how much the shipping will cost and whatnot. It does not matter that this information is available on the website as it important for you to hear how the personal will respond to you.

The answers should be simple, understandable, and the people must talk to you politely. If the manager gets confused all the time even when you ask a simple question about some blender or they are trying to end the conversation quickly, it speaks a lot about the store’s quality.

  1. Reviews 

It is necessary to look for reviews about the online store. You can find them on the website itself or on social networks or forums. Usually, it does not actually matter if the reviews are good or bad. Keep in mind that reviews are usually left by dissatisfied customers – if everything is okay with the item, a person might just be too lazy to post a review.