Panel interviews are usually designed to test and evaluate self-confidence and awareness. The main focus of panel interview remains on multitasking skills.


The panelists subject you to sheer interpersonal pressure to see how well you manage stress. Stress is going to be the part of daily professional life. Without higher degree of emotional regulation, you could not survive in the industry. Here are five questions, you could expect to encounter in apanel interview. However, if you do not know yourself and your relevant capabilities aligning with corresponding job then, your inadequacies would be exposed during a panel interview.

What to Expect in a Panel Interview

Define Yourself?

            Interviewers test your knowledge about yourself so that they could compare your CV with your spoken words. They may initially confirm that you are the real person of your credentials. Your choice of words, body language and ability to present information precisely would be gauged here as well.

Take Interviewers One by One

            Interviewers would not know any etiquette and therefore, they will interfere with your speech in order to measure your memory. They would love to derail you from your path. You should use verbal defensive techniques politely and answer questions in a sequence so that every query would be responded efficiently.

Entertain Different Professional Angles

Human resource managers measure motivational level, compensational expectations and leadership skills. Your potential head of department will take interest into your technical skills. Senior management would let you demonstrate conceptual abilities, and thus, every dimension should be satisfied adequately.

What brings you to the Industry?

Every industry would require a different person and therefore, this question would enable the management to see if you have sufficient information and knowledge about the market. The corresponding questioner would highlight challenges that one could face during his or her professional life in a specific industry. The interviewee should reply with courageous note in order to show utter commitment to his or her profession and you must be prepared to embrace negative and positive attributes of job that he or she seeks.

Are you a Creative Team Player?

Interviewers drag interviewee into a relaxed mental posture so that he or she could exhibit more truthfulness. However, ability to become an active participant of team would need interpersonal flexibility. Due to perceived informality, interviewee could experience overexcitement and therefore, would spill his or her true motives. If you say “I want to be a leader in say six months” then, the panel would write your candidacy off immediately because you did not mention yourself as a person who loves to work with others in a group. Secondly, creative person should not rock the team with new ideas, but should always respect chain of command. Conclusively, panel interviews would waste your time and money if you do not seek the job wholeheartedly.

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