The Samsung galaxy S8 which is said to be released in April 2017 is believed to be another enhanced model released by Samsung. It is going to be a great brand with full of good and exciting features and functionalities, having some features same as the older releases.

Some of the unique features of Samsung Galaxy S8 which differentiates it from the other models are as follows:

  • Gorilla Glass

The S8 is surrounded with a toughened gorilla glass which makes the device more resistive towards any kinds of breakages or damages and improves the durability of the phone. The phone is covered by the gorilla glass from both the front and the back side. For providing some extra protection, the sides are surrounded by a metal frame.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

There is a high quality finger sensor on the home button. This is required to unlock the phone as well as to go to the Samsung play store. Just the swipe of fingers over the button can let you access the apps.

  • Force touch screen

This is one of the most attractive features which excite the users more. It is similar to 3d touch and with this feature the set display different features according to the pressure applied by the fingers on the screen.

  • Swift wired and wireless charging

S8 provides quick charging facility which is one of the most important functionality which must be provided by each and every device. The wired charger charges the phone in not more than 30 minutes and the wireless charger charges the phone to around 70% within 15 to 20 minutes. This is again one of the best features supported by galaxy S8.

  • Ultra high resolution

The ultra high resolution screen displays up to 8 million pixels and resolution always remains above 3840 x 2160 pixels.

  • Excellent battery capacity

The phone is supported by 4000mAh battery which is highly powerful and can work for 2 days. Note 6 and Note 7 are the next year big releases to look for.