Granite is a popular material that we see in various buildings and homes. Its use is seen from decades as a decorative element and also utility element as well. Its use in exterior and interior application is widely known. Besides, the beauty aspect of it cannot be denied. Granite is used in bridges, buildings, paving, and also in monuments, in homes for kitchen, counter tops, floors, shelves, etc. they are used in polished form so that it looks great and is easy for maintenance as well. It is also a very prestigious material and expensive, but used due to the elegance it provides and the high quality that lasts for a life time. Being a natural stone, it just does not need any treatment to make it more attractive.

Granite Countertops

We see the love for granite on countertops in various homes as it does not collect grime and dirt and can be easily cleaned. Counter tops are easy to install and only need waterjet cutting system to get eth perfect size and clean edges. This is very important because if the space is limited, then the perfect measurement becomes inevitable. Countertops attract the attention of people and so if it is not made to the exact measurement, it does not look good. Granite also comes with different colors and shades and patterns.

Granite for Flooring

Another application of granite that we see is in flooring. As the granite comes in different self pattern and shades of same color, they look very attractive on floors. However, granite looks more attractive when there are more than one colors installed on the floors. The granites are cut in a similar sizes and shapes and placed symmetrically one after another in a pattern that can be abstract and even geometrical. Of course the cutting is very important and that can be done only with water jet systems of high quality. Hotels, hospitals, large offices and restaurants largely use granite floors with patterns made out of it.

Granite Bathrooms

Granite is also being used in bathrooms as it is a great material that is not affected by heat and water. Basin with granite counter top is very popular and seen in many homes and hotels. It does not chip easily so one has to be careful while making cuts of appropriate sizes. You can use granite for the floors, counter tops, shelves, and more. Perfectly matched granite gives a very impressive look and provides a plush ambiance.


Granites are expensive, apart from this you get to get the best quality, because the stone comes in various grades in its natural form. So checking it out for the best quality becomes crucial. Semyx offers cutting solutions as per needs. Granites are highly durable and being a stone you hardly need any maintenance if you clean it properly so that there are no stains of water, oil, food, ink or any other item. However, maintenance is not expensive and daily clean up is all that is required.