An air conditioner is a beneficial invention which gives cool air during summers and keeps you relaxed when the temperature is too high outside. You are safeguarded from the devastating heat with the air conditioning unit. The appliance is a very useful invention of this modern world but it is not cheap. To avail the air conditioners, you need to bear huge costs whether it is a central air conditioner or a split system air conditioner. After you have installed an AC, your first task would be to make a list of things to do in order to maintain the split system air conditioner unit. You need to take care of the unit and only then it can give you years of service. Periodic maintenance of the unit is must to consider if you want to take great care of the AC.


By looking after the air conditioners, you need not buy the unit every now and then. Anyone using an AC unit must know the steps to be taken to maintain the unit. There are various methods you may adopt to keep the AC in the best state. Most owners tend to neglect the maintenance part only to regret later. Every year the air conditioner loses its efficiency and the owners are not aware of this fact. Each year, an air conditioner loses nearly 5-10% of its efficiency. To make up for that loss, you need to take up a maintenance schedule. Only when you carry out routine maintenance work, your air conditioner will last for more than 15 years. If you are using a split AC, you may follow the tips to maintenance.


Look After the Filter Component of the AC


The filter in the air conditioner should be fine so that it gets cool and refreshing air for years. You have to change the filter of the unit from time to time as per the usage. If the AC usage is more, you need to change it more frequently. If you do not replace the filter, the air will be filled with dust particles and the AC will lose its potential to clean the air. A dirty air conditioner filter will also increase the repair and maintenance charges.


Check the Compressors on A Regular Basis


Apart from a filter, compressors are another important component of the AC. Its main function is to compress the low pressure and low volume gas and convert that into high pressure and high volume gas meant for the AC. In order to get refreshing and fresh air from the compressor, you must clean the compressor or service it on a regular basis. To increase the longevity of the AC, you may use oil meant for compressor servicing.


Split System Air Conditioner installation

Replace the Evaporator Coil of the Air Conditioning Unit


The main task of the evaporator coil is to absorb the heat and circulate fresh and cool air throughout the room. If the evaporator coil has become old, you must replace it. This improves air circulation and air flow inside the room. Leading AC brands make use of best evaporator coils but the user must take steps to maintain them.


The Air Ducts to Be Cleaned Every Now and Then


When it comes to air conditioner repair and maintenance, air duct cleaning is also the part of it. Air ducts are spread all throughout the space to be able to give chilled air. You must clean the ducts on a regular basis to get rid of dirt and dust in the duct.


Whether you are using split system air conditioner, a window AC or a centralized air conditioning unit, air conditioner maintenance is an important chore. You may perform the checks but for repair and servicing, you must summon a professional.