Home of some of the oldest cultures in the world, interesting architectures, exquisite natural landscapes, friendly locals, and luscious foods, Asia is certainly one of the best continents that everyone should visit. From remote islands to mega-metropolises, Asia’s top places offer a dose of escapades, culture, and ancient history.

There are plenty of breathtaking destinations in Asia and determining where to can be quite difficult. However, that is a favorable problem to have. So no need to worry! Traveling to Asia has never been this easy, with affordable flights, almost all people can seize the chance to go to these enticing top-spots in no time.  

To help you out, check out the list below from the hundreds of top-spots in Asia. So, read on to learn more.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is truly a living postcard, a paradise that seems like a reverie. Arcadia, Elysium, Utopia, Shangri-La, and Bali are all comparable with heaven. But the only difference between them is that you can physically go to Bali, which barely disappoints anyone.  

This place appeals to most travelers daydreams, with its beautiful landscape, sandy shores, towering volcanoes, curving coastlines, and large pagodas. Anyone will surely be in awe of this piece of heaven on earth.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of the best tourist and a must-visit destination in Asia is Malaysia, specifically Kuala Lumpur. It is truly a precious gem in Southeast Asia and home of the mouthwatering cuisines and diverse culture. Kuala Lumpur has undergone many developments and improvements since its prime time. Now it is the dominant business center in Malaysia that brings people together.

Kuala Lumpur is indeed a wonderful place to visit because of the variety of things to see and activities to do, and the diversity of people (different races and religions) adds style and panache to the city. It has the allure of old, traditional structures with modern towers.

Tokyo, Japan

Explore, Dream, and Discover: The Must-visit Destinations in Asia

The best words to describe Tokyo is probably lively and energetic because of their famous and stunning animes. Tokyo is an enormous city that is continually reverberating with movement. Cars moving very quickly, feet blabbing down sidewalks, ships sailing in and out, and subway trains buzzing below the ground.

As such, Tokyo is a city that fuels on motion and progress. So if you want to visit this city, it will be worthy of your time. When you are in Tokyo, you should take a lot of photos, eat a lot of sushi, and do a lot of shopping.

Seoul, Korea

If you are one of the Korean drama enthusiasts out there, then you should at least visit Seoul, Korea anytime by now. By being Korea’s capital city, you will find many historical attractions and sites such as the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Seoul is known for beautiful architectures, rich culture, and a booming economy, all proofs to the city’s resilience. Even though Seoul may seem like its smoldering into the future, but locals of this country still hold onto their rich heritage.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, also known as the land of smiles has been one of the famous tourist destinations in Asia. With its vibrant culture, delectable cuisines, and affordable prices, it does not come as a surprise why this city has been one of the best countries in the world.

It is not only famous among the Asians, but also from the different parts of the world. From the accommodating and lively crowd to the colorful streets, Bangkok is certainly a perfect destination for every traveler who wants to taste the ever-beautiful Thailand.

Delhi, India

Explore, Dream, and Discover: The Must-visit Destinations in Asia

From the giant Jama Masjid mosque to the dazzling Red Fort, Delhi is the best gateway to explore the Indian culture. It is a city where time travel is doable and possible. So what are you waiting for, travel through time, and you can instantly feel and see the old Delhi, where people are carrying sacks of spices and weighing gold on rusty scales.

But there is no denying that India is one of the most populated countries in the world, and Delhi is also one the polluted cities in the world. Nevertheless, Delhi is a city with a lot to offer. It is like a country within a city.


Explore, Dream, and Discover: The Must-visit Destinations in Asia

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most well-known travel destinations in Asia. It has a magnificent sight which will delight travelers who are keen with Asian metropolises. Singapore maintains an impressive balance of skyscrapers and green space, plus it continues to sustain its ethnic enclaves such as Chinatown and Little India.

Even though Singapore has tons of majestic peaks and skyscrapers, locals still hold onto their culture and history. So, what are you waiting? Get a flight now and visit the clean and immaculate Singapore.

Shanghai, China

Explore, Dream, and Discover: The Must-visit Destinations in Asia

The municipality of Shanghai is China’s biggest city and a comprehensive financial hub. It is the present-day commercial mecca. This municipality celebrates its accomplishments by building monuments and shrines such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Shanghai’s fast evolution and progress keep the land and the buildings changing, and the fashions passing quickly. That is why, when you plan to visit Shanghai, you should keep up with its fast pace. Because if you can, you are all set to deal with Shanghai’s busy and dynamic metropolis.

To be able to enjoy the municipality, try exploring the calm spots such as the Jade Buddha Temple, Zhujiajiao, and the Bund. Thus, you can always find ways to have fun and enjoy in China’s most populous cities.

Palawan, Philippines

If you plan to visit the Philippines, don’t forget to go to Palawan. It has over 1700 islets and islands, and a shoreline covering 2,000 km. So, beach lovers will certainly love this place.

Home of some of the most beautiful beaches (like El Nido, Puerto Princesa, and Coron) with abundant natural resources, Palawan is indeed a safe place for wildlife and all living things. Palawan has it all! So, book your flight now and travel to this wonderful place


Indeed, Asia offers tons of things for everyone, from Bali to Singapore, rest assured that you will find the perfect destination for you. So get your things ready, especially your luggage, if you still don’t have luggage, scour some online store like Deal Wiki.