Everyone knows that using drugs is illegal, as the range of drug addicts rise, more companies and institutions are now requiring drug test. Teens and adults both are using illegal drugs. The teenagers became more aggressive and wild due to drug use. Schools, hospitals and companies are conducting drug test either individual testing or drug test in bulk. There are many ways drug testing is being done, random testing, pre-employment testing, reasonable testing, follow up testing, and post-accident testing. Usually, urine is being used for these drug tests. Statically says that 67.9% of adult that uses illegal drugs are employed.

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Ways to Take Drugs

Smoking. Marijuana is one of the smoked drugs. Tobacco, opium, heroin and cocaine can also be smoked. Smoke goes directly in the lungs and is absorbed by the bloodstream, making it easier for the person to get high.

Insufflation. Cocaine is the most famous drugs that can be snorted. It takes 15 minutes to experienced being high after snorting.

Oral drugs. Alcohol, ecstasy, opium, amphetamines, LSD, this is the drugs that can be taken orally. Take drugs orally was said to be the safest way to take drugs. Since the human body is designed to vomit when there is something risky being intake, and because the stomach lining will absorb the substance making the effect decrease.

Injections. In injections, being high only takes 2 to 5 seconds after injecting, since it is direct to the bloodstreams. In this method, more drugs is being delivered to the brain. So, it was considered to be the most dangerous.

Effects of Drugs

Drugs contains lots of chemicals, because of that drugs can affect the different system and the structure of the body, either physically or mentally. The drug can be taken by injection, ingestions and inhalation. Most drugs affect the brains and immune systems. Listed below are the effects of drugs.

  • Using drugs will weaken your immune system, making you more prone to infections.
  • Liver failure. Intake of drugs makes your liver to function harder.
  • Seizure, stroke and brain damage are also cause of drugs. It will also affect decision making, focusing, attention, and permanent brain damage.
  • Physical appearance. Color of the skin, shape of your body, especially the face and the breast.
  • May also cause loss of appetite.
  • Heart attack. Abnormal heart beats and functions.

Drugs can be used as medicine, but taking too much will never be good for someone’s body.