The moment when one comes to know about the requirement of shifting to another city or state, the first thought enters the mind is how to handle the shifting. There are many events when one needs to be prepared for such shifting. Change in job, change in the city, and transfer due to business, etc. one needs to change the location, and usually, the household items are shifted by movers, but the shipping of car is not that easy task. There are many points one needs to care for while undergoing the shipping of the car.

Here are some of such important points that can answer the question of how to ship my car.

  • Car size and proper size of transporting vehicle: It is one of the most important factors one needs to focus on. There are different sizes of cars and accordingly the shippers also need to arrange for such vehicle. If the car size is standard, then normal shipping vehicle can also be of good use but if there is extraordinary size, the shipper needs to arrange for a particular vehicle.
  • Ask for an estimate: Before going to finalize the deal, one needs to ask for the estimate to various shippers. One needs to compare an apple to apple and decide who can offer the best deal as far as shipping of car is concerned. Various shippers have various features of services, and accordingly, they provide different estimates. Hence, while selecting a shipper, one must consider the service features. It includes time to be taken for delivery, type of delivery where the shipper will offer the delivery at doorstep or one will have to go to his office to collect the vehicle, various permit charges and taxes, insurance and so many other factors must be considered at this point.
  • Fix the time and date for shipping: Once the shipper is finalized, one needs to fix the date and time when the shippers will arrive to collect the car. One needs to check their documents and hand over one key of the car to their authorized people. It is always advisable to take the pictures of the car at the time of handing it over to them as the actual situation of the car can be known. One can be there when they move the car on the shipping vehicle.
  • Organize the car: Before shipping the car, there are a few arrangements such as removal of excess fuel and accessories are much important.

Hence, a little care can help one to ship the car easily.