The subject of Drone Cameras use for commercial purposes is a pretty hotly debated topic these days. And while the policy makers are debating, the appetite for what these little wonders can do is growing by leaps and bounds. In countries outside the US, they are already being used to further economic growth and commerce in many ways. While it is acknowledged that some concerns are valid and worth debate, we also know that there is immense value in what can be done with the drones produced today. So as we wait for our political and legal decision makers to get with the program, let’s look as some of the ways these agile little “unmanned air vehicles” (UAVs) could be put to use.

The drone has the ability to deliver products either business-to-business or business-to-consumer without having to involve a delivery driver. One of the most unique applications of this that’s being considered is food delivery. How would you like to get your next pizza via drone? So instead of having to tip your pizza-delivery guy, you can just zip it out of the container and be done – easy-peasy! There are other companies with plans to deliver products ordered from them online using drones, cutting out the middle layer of delivery that is out of their hands. Everyone has seen, by now, the YouTube videos of the UPS guy tossing packages over the fence or up against the garage door without leaving the truck. That could be avoided altogether so fragile merchandise can be handled sensitively as intended.

Two very interesting potential uses are for internet service and news coverage. There is actually a proposed solor-powered drone that can stay deployed for years at a time which could be the relay for wireless internet service. While this could be huge in populated areas as an alternative to options available currently, think about the remote areas that have no hope of any internet service right now. Solar-drones could be the answer and they have the bonus of being able to move around as needed. For news coverage, you could finally be able to see more of an interesting bit of video than the top of the speeding cars that we get from today’s helicopter news shots. With drones, you could look inside the car while the perpetrator is doing the speeding. Drones could fly into small, enclosed or tight spaces, too, unlike a huge manned helicopter.

When it comes to photography or Drones for Video that can have remote interaction, drones with cameras bring a lot to the table. Getting superb aerial shots of property for those in the real estate business or providing actual footage of an event with close-up shots as well for organizers changes what we can do with the information obtained that way. The uses for agriculture are huge, and this in an industry not known for tech-use. Farmers and ranchers could monitor crops and herds remotely, and pinpoint trouble spots much more quickly and efficiently.

There are so many different ways that drones can be utilized it boggles the mind. One thing is for certain, though, use of consumer drones and commercial drones is on the rise and is here to stay.

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