What is Tinnitus

Do you feel ringing sounds in the ears? You feel as someone is roaring or squealing in your ears? You might be facing Tinnitus. Tinnitus is the ringing sound in the air, which can be felt in either one of the ears or both of them, depending on individual circumstances. The pitch of the sound heard is also varied from low roars to high squeals based on the level of damage to the ears. If you are facing these symptoms, visit a Tinnitus Doctor Mclean VA.

Most of the time, you are the only one hearing this sound unless the tinnitus you are facing with belongs to “Objective Tinnitus” type of the ailment.

Types of Tinnitus

What is Objective Tinnitus?

Objective Tinnitus is one of the types of Tinnitus in which the blood vessels in or surrounding the air produces the sounds of clicking or cracking that can be heard by people sitting next to you.

Subjective Tinnitus:

In subjective Tinnitus, you are the only one who hears the sound in your ears, no one else can hear it. Some of the factors that can cause Subjective tinnitus include a tiny lump of wax in the ears, stiffening of bones of the middle ear the condition known as otosclerosis, problems with blood flow, allergy, tumour, diabetes, head injury etc. Apart from these mentioned factors, a significant other causes can be responsible for causing Tinnitus, depending on your situation and circumstances.

What Causes Tinnitus?

The microscopic endings of the nerves present in the inner ear are responsible for efficient hearing. When these nerve endings are destroyed or do not function properly, it results in different sounds in the ears. The next question is how are these nerve endings of the inner ear destroyed? If you are getting older and are probably in your early 50s, the hearing nerve impairment might be causing the destruction of these nerve endings. However, if you are a young individual, your habit of listening to loud music might be the cause of tinnitus.

How can Tinnitus be treated?

Tinnitus has no specific cure; you can consult your doctor and discuss your problem with him/her. This will help you in devising ways that can reduce the sounds in your ears. However, the reduction of such sounds is also dependent on the diagnosis of the factors causing tinnitus, which require extensive testing like x-rays and laboratory tests. These tests still does not guarantee the identification of exact cause or complete treatment but can only facilitate the doctors in arriving at a solution for your problem.


Thus, this ailment is faced by a number of people around you and it may be causing difficulties for them in living a proper life. If you know someone who is suffering from such an illness, contact a Tinnitus Doctor Mclean VA immediately to help them in improving their condition and reducing noises heard by them. In some cases, the medication can help the patients to improve their condition up to a significant level.