Houston, TX is a classic city when it comes to partying. It offers a lot of fun and thrill allowing you to let loose from your daily routines and get high with life. Inner Me Studio is one of the most beloved party organizers in Houston.

We know how much you value your party and private parties ideas Houston. Our professional dance teachers make sure you have as much fun as possible. You don’t need to hold yourself back while partying.

Dance Options Available

There are multiple private party genres you can choose from. Either you’re an individual who wants to have fun or a group of people out to enjoy their time, you select a dance style of your likings and have all the fun which you totally deserve.

Here are some of the many dance options available, which you can choose from;

Pole Party Dance

Nothing is better compared to a hot pole dance, where a professional dancer is showcasing her flexible moves, to help you make your time more memorable. All you need to do is sit back and relax on a comfortable sofa and let our professional dancers do the rest.

Belly Dance

If you love eastern dance moves and want to experience it in Houston, then we have everything ready for you. We have professional belly dancers who, with their awe-inspiring moves, will make your party historic.

Chair Dance

Who doesn’t love a woman dancing her heart out while sitting on a chair? Our dancers have been doing chair dance for years. You can enjoy best chair dance with InnerMe Fitness.

Lap Dance

All men desire to have a beautiful woman grinding against them while they are sitting back on a comfortable chair. You can have this beautiful experience with our lap dance facilities.


Twerking is in fashion at the moment. It demands a lot of practice and skill as it is tough to master and execute. Hire twerk angels from our agency and add fun and glamour to your event.


If you want to have fun at your event while keeping it classy, then our burlesque dancers are available for your services.

Apart from the above-discussed dance niches, we have a lot many other private party ideas in Houston. All you need to do is give us a call or visit our office for bookings.

There are certain reasons which should push you to choose our services, compared to other companies in the market;

  • Professional Dancers: We have professional dancers who, with their years of experience, know how to bring fun and excitement to your event.
  • Best Partying Experience: With us, you can have best partying experience in the whole of Houston. You can log onto multiple social media sites and view our galleries of previous events. This will give you a detailed idea of the quality our dancers bring with themselves.
  • Onsite Service: We have studios available for partying, but if you want to have our services at your place then we will walk to your doorstep as well. This will, however, add $50 to your total bill.