Many foreign students are eager to start their first day in a US college. They have done all the needed things and they are on their way on becoming a real international student. All students will freak out a little bit, or perhaps even a lot. This is understandable. However, students can find this an adventurous experience and many of them say that after their first year; they consider US their as their second home. Many colleges in the US offer an abundance of opportunities. They will be able to make a lot of friends, not only with Americans; but also international students from other countries.

Foreign students should give themselves the very best shot, so they will love their college experience. They can’t run before they walk and in many cases, they need to stand up first; especially if they are not fluent in English and unfamiliar with local lifestyle in the US. If living in a new country seems challenging, foreign students should consider spending one week in the campus ground, before the actual activity begins. They can explore the college and the surrounding city areas. They also need to be relaxed and by being less stressed out, students will be able to perform much better in colleges.

What Foreign Students Should Know About US College Life

Foreign Students can immediately become more comfortable with college life in the US by trying to make as many friends as possible. By doing this, they should be able to experience a more enjoyable college life. It’s true that by having a more complex social life, conflicts can become inevitable, so they need to find the proper balance. Good friends should be able to positively affect their decisions and these friends can be quite helpful. They shouldn’t only make friends in their classes and dorms; but also friends at part-time job locations and friends of friends. This will significantly improve their networking.

In general, students should be able to reach out to others and ask someone about trivial things. It should be quite easy to show a genuine interest and many people will return the favour. It is true that some people are not responsive or even become somewhat harsh; but getting many amiable friends should be quite easy if we can be genuine. Social life can present many emotional traps, so it is important for students not to put so much energy on this matter. If a friend seems to be troublesome, it is a good idea to keep a distance and focus on more productive relationships with others.

In many cases, there are more than enough opportunities for foreign students to find part time job. This is a good opportunity to interact with ordinary American people and students are able to improve their English. It is important for foreign students to try to eliminate the urge to isolate themselves, if they do have such tendency. Any awkwardness will wear off and they should begin to feel better. Part-time jobs should keep students busy.