2015 is the year of hopes and prosperity. With already a month gone and several great events that took place, the year seems eventful and super exciting. New government, fresh relations with America and Obama’s visit have shown us a glimpse as to how good the year would be. With several innovations and up gradations taking place, every sector is geared up to reach new peaks this year. Last year was a very good one as far as real estate is concerned. There were several new or upcoming projects in Kolkata. New or upcoming projects in Gurgaon too were the mark of rapid expansion. Real estate sector has already fastened its seatbelt and is ready to roar this year too. With enormous growth and development, this sector is always full of life and people too invest with full enthusiasm. Here are few trends to look out in 2015:-

1. Better amenities:- last year saw great projects with some awesome facilities. Facilities for sports, amusement, relaxing etc. captured people’s attention. This trend will surely go on as people want a bang for their bucks deal. The more facilities and amenities they get, the happier and more satisfied they are! Builders will surely look at this point as their trump card and encash on this factor. They would give more facilities and amenities which would also convince the buyers to shell out some extra money as they get better amenities.

What To Expect From The Housing Market In 2015

2. Property sites:- the penetration of technology in the real estate sector has made lives of people easier and faster. There are sites like housing.com which serve as a search portal to customers and direct them to a property which matches their requirements and needs. Owing to the smart phone era, there are also apps for the same to provide user convenience.

3. Loans:- loans are and would always be a steady trend in this sector. They ensure that everyone gets a shelter to live in. To add icing on the cake, RBI recently slashed the home loan rates which will ensure that there are no holes in pockets of customers. There are various types of loans available to choose from. Anything and everything related to property will have a loan. Some are known and other are lesser known. A consumer must approach a bank to know more about it.

4. Online tools:- last year , online tools took over the sector by storm and helped them a lot. Ability to make rental agreement online and the option to know home loan eligibility has surely convinced the buyers to try out their luck and make sure that their planning is sound proof. Home loan eligibility tool asks for some basic details like monthly income, wealth etc. On the basis of this details, it calculates how much loan the person can manage and suggests accordingly. The online rental agreement is to do the agreement online and have a print then. There are also facilities like comparing all the home loans, their benefits and losses coming up. They make a comparison on various options available and highlight the best one which would suit you.

Thus, these are the trends to look out for. It will definitely make a great impact and attract young buyers to invest and make most out of their wealth. Be it new or upcoming projects in Gurgaon or new or upcoming projects in Kolkata, there are umpteen projects to invest and multiply the wealth. Therefore, invest in property with regards to this trends and ensure that you get the best property!