There are many financing companies that offer their services for specific items. Examples would be:

  • Used cars
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

This article is on financing companies that specifically finance tires and custom tire rims. They also might have financing of electronic equipment for an auto but their major speciality will usually be tires and custom rims. These are considered “big ticket” items as auto rims with tires can be fairly expensive. Rim financing is almost the only way a car owner can get these items for their car.

Does your car need new wheels? It’s time you get the wheels your car deserves! Are your wheels inside your car’s performance? Dented rims and worn-out tires might be affecting your car’s steering and overall performance, the time is right you change them!

If you are looking for a method to change these wheels without spending too much money, you might choose to choose rim financing to purchase great quality and affordable wheels. Finance companies provide you with the chance to own affordable and quality rims and tires for the car. Furthermore they finance your wheels, they also provide you with wide variety of wheels to select from as well as quality rim and tire packages.

What To Look For In Financing Custom Auto Rims And Tires

Having known what rim financing can offer you, you should understand how this kind of financing works.

Consumer ready

To make it even easier for the consumer, you need to find a financing website that has the online and easy application so you can complete all the paperwork needed and get approval before you start shopping for the rims and tires you want. Of course these financing companies would prefer that you get your rims through them. You need to look for financing business that has no obligation for buying through them.


The application needs to be free and make certain the website is secure. Once you get the information for a loan from them any reliable financing company should have no obligation for you to do your financing with them. Also look for financing companies that also offer free benefits or tools such as:

  • Free expert help
  • Free price quotes
  • Free custom fits
  • Free lug and lock kits

Wheel configurators

Another tool that rim and wheel financing companies should have is the ‘wheel configurator’ as well as rim plus-sizing guide. These tools offer up many custom rim possibilities that are almost endless when selecting a specific rim. Since they finance custom rims they will probably have many choices for the latest in stylish custom rims and that can mean up to 4000 various rim styles.

So before you look elsewhere for financing or help with buying customer rims, these are some things to look for in financing companies that specialize in financing custom rims with tires.

If you are looking for any method to improve you car and at the same time cut costs, you may do so by deciding to finance your wheels. There are a number of financing companies which may help you get the best rims, best tires and other quality car car parts and accessories you’ll need. Maintaining and giving you better car has never been this easy.