New technologies give us the opportunity to earn money in many different ways. In spite of that, most people would rather choose their much less profitable 9-5 job, than try to use some of the new tech miracles and become part of the new entrepreneurial class. They mostly choose this because they are scared of various internet scams and get-rich-quick websites that are run by shady characters who are developing their pyramidal schemes. In this article we’re going to review some of the more secure ways to earn money faster than usual.


This industry has been on the constant rise since the 2008 economic crisis when a lot of experts lost their 9-5 jobs and started using their expertise for their own independent gigs. It is easy to start with this work; all people need is a profile on one of the online freelancing market places. The profile needs to be informative and to provide all kinds of guarantees and recommendation one indecisive client would need to hire its owner. Like in any regular job, in the beginning a freelancer’s work is paid much less, and the income gradually grows with an influx of steady clients. The good thing about freelancing is it will see even bigger growth in years to come. Today more than 53 million Americans are freelancing and big companies will soon need to adapt to this growing trend.

Stock Trading

A decade ago if people wanted to buy or sell stocks they needed to open an account in an old-style brokerage firm, and pay a fortune for its agent’s services. With this account they were also getting information on the new market trends, but brokerage agents misused their customers trust very often to promote their pump-and-dump schemes.

Everything changes with the introduction of discount brokers. These brokerage firms that usually do business online only charge small commissions. They are able to do that by matching buy and sell orders and splitting bid-ask spreads. People who have some knowledge of the stock market are now able to earn dividends and trade their stocks without paying high commissions to the regular brokerage firms. When it comes to information about stock market trends, this is compensated by following quotes, news and expert predictions online.

Another way to earn money fast is by investing in the penny stock market. Before, this financial area was considered to be very volatile, but with lots of available information about small companies online, there’s a much clearer picture on how certain small business stock is going to trade in the future. Since these stocks have much higher returns than blue chips for example, it’s obvious why there’re so many people who want to learn to trade penny stocks.

Buying and Selling on eBay for Profit

eBay is sea full of opportunities for people who want to earn money. It’s basically like an open market, just without shifting goods there, or paying taxes to the city or state. It is possible to earn significant funds by reselling items on this website, but profits will grow even bigger if resellers decide to do a wholesale purchase of their goods and then sell it on eBay. People who’re buying items on the web site, need to understand the process of bidding and to make their own bidding tactics that will enable them to buy items at the lowest possible prices. Buying wholesale goods is much easier, but then resellers need to develop some haggle tactics and to be sure that the product they’re buying is going to sell well on eBay. With good planning, this work can also become a very lucrative source of income.