Are you ready to replace that old, worn-out, barely functional garage door of yours with a new and modern insulating roller shutter garage door? Roller shutter garage doors have a sleek modern look to them and are insulated to provide noise protection and energy efficiency. Whether your garage is used for your auto or as extra storage space or you need a new door for your workshop in the backyard, adding an aluminium or steel roller garage door is a practical and secure way to keep your auto and other possessions safe. You can have your choice of garage door installers measure your garage opening to determine the final door size, return to their shop, finish your new roller door, and deliver it to you and perform the installation.

What You Have To Know About Roller Garage Doors

Why an Aluminium or Steel Insulated Roller Door?

There are two basic types of roller garage doors, one constructed of aluminium that is insulated between the outer and inner panels and one that is constructed of steel with a plastisol coating applied to the exterior. Notwithstanding the question that you may be asking yourself, “do I need insulated roller garage doors?”, whether you choose aluminium or steel, you can be assured that your new roller door offers insulating properties, a high level of security, and an attractive finishing touch for your garage. With an Autotherm foam-filled insulating core, an aluminium door is perfect for garages that may be attached to the house, whilst a plastisol-coated steel garage door is highly durable and well suited for detached applications. You may also want to consider a range of premium automatic roller garage doors that can be remotely operated to allow you easily open or close the door from the comfort of your auto without having to step out into the cold, wet, or windy weather.

Aesthetically Appealing

Garage doors, other than highly detailed and crafted architectural doors, aren’t particularly well known for their architectural features, but if you do have a concern with the idea that roller garage doors won’t match your home’s exterior, there are an impressive range of colours to select from. There are various colours to give your garage aesthetic appeal: perhaps you would like a brilliant white exterior for a clean look, a rustic faux wood finish, or even the contemporary appeal of anthracite. Leading roller garage door manufacturers produce doors to only the highest of standards and they will complement the style of your home’s exterior.

Getting Your New Door

Ordering your garage door is a simple process with bespoke and manufacturers’ standard doors available to order online for your convenience. For competitive pricing of custom-made doors, you can simply use an online quote service and if an acceptable fit is found, you may purchase online. Whether you’re in a professional trade and you know what you want or you are a property owner just looking to buy direct, you will find that prices are extremely competitive. All doors should be fully compliant and independently tested by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.