Living in an energy efficient house is valuable, especially nowadays when heating bills tend to become rather astronomical. Set aside that, by continuing to use electricity, gas, or oil to heat our houses, we also contribute to environmental pollution to a great degree, due to the elevated CO2 emissions released in the atmosphere. It makes us wonder…What legacy do we leave our children? A world we would have first destroyed with our choices and then handed over to the next generation to live in, or somewhat a better place to be? So, in light of the increased needs for greener and more cost-effective heating solutions, having a wood burning stove seems like a perfect idea.

Why a Stove that Burns Wood to Produce Heat?

First and foremost, it is eco-friendly. For example, CO2 emissions from wood logs are far lesser than those emitted by other fuels, such as gas (Less than 0.00612kg CO2/kWh as opposed to 0.265 kg CO2/kWh respectively).

Set aside that, the new energy efficient wood stoves save you serious money and distribute heat so evenly and slowly all around the house (provided you have the doors of all rooms open) with just a few kilos of wood that you will have plenty of time to enjoy the sweet wood-produced warmth.

What to Expect from Ecco Stoves?

Now, if you have installed an Ecco Stove, you can have 6 full hours of heat with just 3kg of wood, and is able to heat temperatures of up to 160-180 degrees Centigrade, which in turns produces lower emissions and increases smoke combustion. The secret behind the success and even heat of Ecco Stoves lies in the use of Silicon Carbide, a material that can compete diamonds in hardness, and is distinguished for its superior absorption of extreme temperatures. No wonder Silicon Carbide is constantly under the microscope of Landy Vent, a leader in chimney lining systems in the UK, as a means to come up with even more efficient whole-house heating.

Back to the Ecco Stoves, the temperature test on E678 model, for example, has shown that by firing it harder, you can raise the temperature in the room gradually throughout the house, with a minimum amount of 10kg of wood, for up to 8 hours non-end (with outside temperature at around 6°c out), which is amazing considering that you will need at least 1,000GBP for winter heating, as per the latest estimates.

The times we have all been sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen and save us from the enormous heating bills are long gone. With Ecco Stove Solutions, we can have what is rightfully ours, the right to live in a comfy, warm house, and be free to enjoy it without a second thought!

Author Bio:

Jennifer is an expert in biomass masonry heaters and wood burning heating solutions, especially energy efficient wood stoves that can provide viable heating solutions to all those caring for the environment and wanting to save their pockets from overspending money on heating.