When you are looking for a new property to move into, you should always check for pests. Unless of course calling pest control is the first thing you want to do when you move in to your new home. Pests are usually very good at hiding and they have a close alliance with the real estate agent. Both of them conspire to make sure that you do not discover the pests before you move in. However, you need to get ahead of the game if you want to save yourself additional costs and additional troubles. Maybe you are just out all day and spend very little time at home. You might not even be aware of a brewing pest problem. Here are some sleuthing tips that can help you detect the pest problem.

Body Count –

Sure, a few stray bees and wasps might have chosen your home to commit suicide, or murder or a friendly duel. However, if you see a regular body count of the same species in and around the house, chances are they are living in your property. When it comes to rats and mice you might never see a body, but you will definitely know that there is a decomposing carcass somewhere, thanks to the unbearable stench! That should give you enough reason to call pest control, or get the hell out of the proposed property.

Dropping the Act –

If you want to beat the pests, you need to get down and dirty. Do an extensive research on the different kinds of common pests and their respective droppings. As disgusting as that sounds, this can be a sure-shot way to discover whether you have an infestation or not and if you do, what kind it is. You are forgiven for not wanting to touch them, but at least know what they look like so that you know them when you see them. A little extra knowledge about pest eggs will give an extra edge.

Sprays and Poisons –

Where there are pests, there will be poison. So when you are visiting a house you are planning to buy or rent, be sneaky and check the cupboards under the sink. There will be tell-tale signs whether or not they were doing their own bit of pest control. If you find a number of half empty cans, you can pretty much suspect that there was or is a rampant infestation.

Nesting Evidences –

When you have a suspicion of an infestation, or even otherwise, it pays to survey the house from time to time. Grab a flashlight and do some sleuthing around the areas of the house that may not be used as much as the others. Look in dark, secluded spaces, most pests like these spaces to build nests which can be made up of anything. Paper and vegetation are common choices of nesting material.

Visible Signs –

Some cases are so evident that they do not need evidence. If you find a mysterious nibble on your burger, or an ominous beehive at the corner of the attic, there should be no doubt in your mind that you need pest control.

Whether hidden or boldly strutting around the house, pests make terrible house guests and the sooner you get rid of them, the better. Pest Control Melbourne services which you are going to choose must be able to provide timely and accurate services. It will help you in choosing the best service on which you can rely and enjoy the benefits and make your surroundings free from any pest infections.