Regardless of what industry we are in, we should realize that communication is a very important aspect. Sure we can do our job with very little communications, but we won’t get very far. There are ways we can do to improve communication in our workplace. This should include networking and socializing where appropriate. We could try to be polite and ask people in the office both professionally and personally. This should be an advantageous thing to do regardless of what our job. Another aspect of communication is actively trying to keep people informed. In this case, we should make sure that we keep relevant people updated with latest information. These relevant individuals may include managers, team members and others who have a participation in our work. In general, we should be particularly more proactive and we could ask questions when needed. This could mean sending daily status update with instant messaging or email. People should also be informed of any major milestone achieved during a critical project.

Obviously, we need to always ask questions and we should be aware that there is no such thing as a dumb question. It would be better to ask dozens of trivial questions than making a grievous mistake because we miss a single detail. We should ask others if we are not sure about something. This simple activity could give us a realization that there are things we should do to improve our work performance.

Having our own goal could be considered a great idea, but there are goals that managers could define for the whole team. There are goals that our teams need to achieve based on specific standards. We should be aware of these goals and a solid communication is needed. By having good communication, we should be able to decide priorities for our work. This should allow us to come up with suggestions and ideas for the team.

As an example, our manager’s goal could be to ensure that the team’s work result can be reviewed by more senior executives. However, it may take quite some time before the team could form a report after required tasks are completed. In general, there should be great ways to improve our work performance by understanding these goals.

Attitude is also one thing that can go a long way to our work performance and this could affect our communication. Employees who are in a bad mood could have affected communication ability and they could be perceived as being more difficult to deal with. In this situation, we should make sure that our mood won’t have negative impacts on our job. However, people who in a more positive and cheerful mood could give an impression that they are in better control of their work. It is a good idea to assess our overall mood before we go to work and if there’s problem with our emotions, we should know whether it would affect our communication ability.