Background checks are an important part of the hiring process, when recruiting new employees it is vital that you take the time to properly screen each new candidate, you do not want to make a poor decision which may adversely affect your company in the future. Hiring the wrong employee for a small to medium sized enterprise can have huge implications, it can potentially be the difference between success and failure. 

Recruit a Professional Business to Carry Out Background Checks

One of thoroughly screening potential employees is to hire a company which provides a professional, discreet service. Choosing a company with experience in the industry will ensure you get a service that is reliable and trustworthy, a specialised screening company will carry out a systematic background check on any possible new recruits. If, for example, you require a pre employment DBS check, a quick search through Google should provide you with a number of companies who specialise in such services.


Businesses who utilise employee background checks as a key component of their employment process recognise the number of associated benefits, one of the main benefits to pre screening is the type of individual who applies to your company.  Informing candidates there will be a background check usually results in a higher calibre of applicants, better applicants leads to better employees, who generally improve company productivity and profitability. If undesirable candidates are aware of an organisation’s propensity to conduct pre screening they will typically be discouraged from applying.

Reduction in Theft and Employee Misconduct

Organistions should always aim to recruit the best possible candidate for their business, especially in key positions within their enterprise. If the wrong candidate is hired for important managerial roles they can completely destroy the whole company and its reputation, they bring a poor level of performance which can also affect other workers around them. A major benefit of pre employee screening is that you hire the most suitable candidate for your position, background checks help you avoid worker misconduct such as drug possession, product theft, and fraudulent behaviour. The screening process identifies potential employees who have a history of various transgressions, most of which you will want to eliminate from your recruitment process.

False or Fake Statements on Resumes

If you interview a potential candidate on the grounds of their suitability for a particular position you may want to do a background check to ensure they have the necessary education and experience, some positions require a certain level of education and experience which has to be verified beforehand. If your organisation employs an individual who does not have the desired skill set, your company will be forced to look for another candidate. You do not want to go back over the whole recruitment process, so it is crucial that you carry out all the necessary checks before offering a job.

Making sure your recruitment and screening process is reliable and professional ensures you get the right candidate for the job, the process of employee recruitment and selection can be costly, carrying out this procedure with care and considerate can save your business time, energy, and most importantly, cost.