As marijuana use continues to be legalized around the country, many different consumers are wondering the best strategy for using this drug. Some will opt for lighting joints while others will utilize the assistance of a bong. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at why using bongs is considered safer than smoking a traditional joint.

Water Filtration

Part of the bong is a water filtration system. It takes the weed smoke and pulls it into the water before moving into your lungs. This filtration allows the smoke to lose most of its heat. During this process, the larger particles are filtered out of the smoke. Things like cytotoxins that can be harmful to the body are easily filtered out with bongs.

Addition of Tobacco

Many smokers who prefer joints over bongs tend to add tobacco to their joints. The idea is that tobacco can help the joint stay lit for longer. This allows for the smoker to get more burn time from their weed then they would without using the tobacco addition. The addition of tobacco to the joint makes it much unhealthier. Now, you’re not only dealing with the health risks of inhaling a weed-filled joint, but also the health risks associated with inhaling burning tobacco.

Ability of Additional Filtration System

When you opt for utilizing a bong over a joint, you know that the water filtration system can remove harmful chemicals from the smoke that you ingest. When you’re picking out a new bong you always have the option to add an additional filtration system to your unit. A popular bong that does this is the percolator bong. This helps to double filter the smoke to remove as many harmful toxins as possible before it reaches your lungs.

Safer for Others

When you smoke a joint, it stays smoking the whole time after you light it. This smoke can be emitted towards other people, which can be unhealthy for them to breathe in. When you use a bong instead, you don’t have to worry about smoke drifting to other people. You can better contain the smoke with a bong than you can with a joint.

When it comes to deciding how you’re going to consume weed, there are many options out there for you to choose from. Edibles, tinctures, vapes, bongs, and joints are just some of the popular consumption methods. When it comes to finding a healthy option, using a bong will be better than smoking a traditional joint.