There are multiple reasons why we seem to have poor or mediocre performance as a baseball hitter. One factor that we may do wrongly is load distribution. This is a simple principle, but we may not be aware how to implement this properly. As an example, before we go forward, we may need to go back. When we see the pitcher in his windup, it is important to react appropriately, by cocking our body or by coiling back slightly. How we do this can be quite different for each person, but this could be considered as a triggering mechanism. The whole concept should be quite similar. It means that we need to coil or cock properly as a response to the pitcher. While our arms or hands are slightly cocking, our head should stay still.

Why We Can’t be A Good Baseball Hitter

As we prepare for the pitcher to release the ball towards us, we should make sure that our weight is entirely on our backside. However, some people may do this differently, such as visualizing like they are sitting down on their right side. If we do this properly, we may actually feel slight tiredness on our right leg and thigh. This could happen if we put a lot of weight on the right foot. Before we go forward, we should try to come back. This should allow us to make sure that our swing is powerful and consistent. Another mistake that we do is that we don’t see the ball. It is important to know that we should be able to see the ball. We should implement the proper balance of loading, stride and balance. By doing this, we should be able to see the ball just fine.

In general, we can get in a big trouble if our posture and stride are out of sync. This could happen when we don’t see the ball properly. If we don’t see the ball, it is possible that we have bad balance, are too aggressive and are over striding. This will result in an overall bad swing. In this case, we should make sure that we do things properly. If we take the proper approach, our swing can be quite short and sweet. However, we should make sure that we don’t too much with this. When we are able to the ball, we will be able to lock in our posture and stride. It means that we should be able to wait and it is important to make sure that we won’t be fooled by speed pitches. It is important to make sure that we have the right approach and we should be in the proper depth.

Overall, we should make sure that we are in the right zone. If we can’t get into the strike zone, it is not possible that we have repeatable swings. This is a vital factor if we want to be a great hitter. By having a good practice, we should know about the proper zone inside and out. By doing the above things, hitting should be easy enough and we can get really good results.