Many people tend to misunderstand the concept of homes for the seniors. The term granny flat is often used very loosely and is assumed to be a cramped space where the elderly have to spend rest of their lives. However, this style of living is picking up popularity and ample seniors are opting for it. Everyone with elderly in their homes should give it a serious thought and build granny flat.   If you want to build granny flats then you need to consider several aspects along with the investment such as, comfortable living, medical facilities, traditional interior and spacious exterior for walking of these elder people. In this regards, you can consult with some designers and they will guide you in a proper manner.

 Why should you invest on granny flats?

  1. Traditional Way of Accommodation:

There are several people who love to follow their traditional way of living with the elderly. At the same time, they would want to follow the new traditions to accommodate the younger generation. In such a situation, they can build granny flat. In this respect, people can easily design their granny flats with some traditional touch, and make their own part by contemporary way. So they can always keep in touch with their elder family member and share their experience with them.

  1. Investment Returns:

If you wish to shift the elderly to a facility, it will cost you more than making few changes in your existing house and creating a space. Be it a backyard or an unused shed, you can creatively use the space for building an independent living space for the elderly. Additionally, it will add to your home space and offer value when you think of selling off the property. In this space, you can make some cottage style comfortable home for elder people and they can stay over there independently. But you must accommodate all necessary gadgets along with the medical facilities in this home for their convenience.

  1. No Pressure from the Council:

If you think that seeking approval and execution of the project will be tiresome then you are assuming things wrong. All you need to do is hire a professional who can assess the property and help you know if you can build granny flat. If you meet all the necessary terms and conditions, you will not have to worry about the approval.

Tax Benefits: When you choose to build granny flat, you automatically save on your taxes. It will act like an investment and help you create an extra income for the same. The only criterion is to follow the instructions and check if you fulfill all the requirements that are set by the DA in undertaking such projects.

 Granny homes can be initiated by the younger people of a family: If you have teenagers living with you then you should seriously think to build granny flat. It will serve as a wonderful space to give them their independent way of living at the same time you can keep a watchful eye over them. This way the teenagers who crave for freedom get their space with you having proper control on them.

  • Many people assume that the granny flats are only meant to be the accommodation for the elderly.
  • However, it can be used as a work-space if you work from home. You can have your private space and dedicate your attention to your work without any disturbance.

When you think of undertaking home renovation, you might not have the finances to shift to a new place. A small arrangement like a granny flat will help you in staying close to your home and look over carefully at the developments.