Some people don’t throw away their old lamps / outdoor lights. They just up-cycle or recycle them!

Have you ever bought a house with an ugliest dining room and entryway light fixtures made of fake brass? Precision brass turned components used in light fixtures never wear unlike the fake ones. You may take time, but search the best reliable light fixtures as they never corrode. You can even look for the suppliers or vendors who are dealing in used fixtures. There are some best ways to recycle these fixtures.

People are making cool chandeliers, DIY lamps, and several other lighting pieces. There are many non-profit organizations that take old light fixtures, along with other household products and sell them to public.

So if you have some old fixtures, you can recycle them instead of landfill them.

What are light fixtures made of?

The challenging part of recycling light fixtures is that they are constructed with a distinct range of materials and not all of these materials are eligible for recycling.

The light fixture’s main part is made of brass, copper, aluminium, or other metal. Inside the fixture, there is plastic or rubber-coated copper wires. You can separate these things and recycle each material later.

There are glass or paper shades in most light fixtures and these cannot be recycled. Older chandeliers might be a bit different and have crystals or beads draping, which is also unrecyclable. Ceiling fans have blades that are made of a mixture of plastic, wood, and fabric parts.

There are bulbs. CFLs can be recycled as they contain mercury. However, there are some outlets for recycling different types of light bulbs. You can find them online. Search and learn how to recycle light bulbs.

Materials used for light fixtures: – 

All the materials are recyclable that used in modern light fixtures such as brass, copper, aluminium, bronze, etc..Brass material is working better than other materials for lighting fixtures. Brass is a durable material, widely used for many home and industrial application. People are confused to selecting outdoor light fitting systems, but if you want to invest money, you have a complete information about the materials the fixtures are made of. Brass is best lighting fixture material to compare with other materials.

How to recycle light fixtures?

You can remove the bulbs from the light fixtures prior taking them to the recycling facility. This will prevent sudden breakage of bulb and injure you or a staff member. You must remove any fabric or paper lamp shades as they cannot be recycled.

You can brush a fresh coat of paint on ugly chandelier and make it funky and fabulous. You can also add solar powered light to an old light fixture and make it a cordless light fixture! You can find a lot more DIYs like this online. For more updates on precision brass turned components, keep looking for this space in future.

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