Arthritis is one of the most commonly spotted diseases in the world. The prime symptom and the characteristics of this disease are the inflammation. However, the inflammation due to arthritis can worsen if the food habit is not controlled or monitored. Arthritis can even lead to some other diseases like cardiac problems, obesity, and even diabetes.

There are many foods that should be strictly avoided in case you are suffering from arthritis. These foods are not only dangerous for arthritis but also potentially dangerous to worsen the situation even more. Here are the five foods that must avoid.

You Must Avoid These Five Foods In Case Of Arthritis

1. Pizza

Pizza is one of the biggest sources of the saturated fat. This is one of the prime reason for the arthritis inflammation in the human body. The American Cancer Institute says that the saturated fat in Pizza can trigger the adipose that is also called as the inflammation of the tissues in the body. This can be dangerous for the cardiovascular health and various types of arthritis. There are many similar food items like meat products and pasta; these are also not advisable. Saturated fat sometimes prescribed for the morning sickness, in such cases, the doctor must be consulted to get the correct diet.

2. Sweets and Desserts

Any sweet and deserts that are made up of Sugar can be dangerous for the Arthritis. The impact of the sugar can be disastrous for this disease. It can enhance the level of inflammation by a considerable amount. The prime reason that American Journal of Clinical Nutrition understands is the Cytokine. It is a messenger for the inflammation and can be drastic for arthritis. Also, it can make things worse and lead to high cholesterol, diabetes, and the cardiac arrests as well. It is always advisable to avoid any food that is made up with sugar apart from sweets like pastries, chocolate and others are equally harmful to the people suffering from the disease.

3. Cheese and Butter

Cheese and Butter have a huge amount of Trans Fat content, and that can be dangerous for the body. The Trans Fat can increase the inflammation of the body and worsens the medical condition of the arthritis sufferer. The medical studies and researches have shown that the trans fats can be extremely harmful to his cardiovascular diseases as well. The worst part of the ingredient is that it triggers the inflammation systematically; it can even increase the pain by a considerable amount along with the inflammation and swelling. The other foods that have high trans-fat are frozen and processed snacks and breakfasts, donuts, crackers and others. The hydrogenated oils also have content of Trans Fat, and that must also be avoided as well. You must keep yourself updated about the food and the ingredients; Glozine Lifestyle News can be a good option to be updated as well.

4. Refine Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is essential for health. However, the refined carbohydrate that is found in the bread, rolls and even in the flour and crackers can be dangerous for the arthritis inflammation. These are the high Glycemic indexed foods that produce Advanced Glycation End more commonly known as AGE. This is a high inflammation stimulating factor in the body. In case you are already suffering from the inflammation caused due to arthritis, then ant food with Refined Carbohydrate should be avoided. New researches have found that the refined carbohydrate can be found in many packaged bowls of cereal as well apart from the junk foods like French Fries. Studies indicate that AGE is an immense factor for the alarmingly growing obesity in the world due to inflammation properties.

5. Dairy

Dairy Products are considered as one of essential food in daily life. However, in the case of arthritis, you should find some alternatives to it. The dairy products have proteins that have inflammation properties, and that can enhance the pain and the inflammation. There are many studies that have proved that dairy products must be avoided to live a better life with arthritis.


These health products reviews can have an impact on arthritis depending on the quantity and the amount. However, the best way to deal with the disease is to avoid these food items.

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