The hospitality industry especially the segment that provides lodging, meals, refreshment and other similar services to travelers is a highly competitive environment. The people working in these hotels need have to a certain level of mental alertness and physically fitness in order to cater to the demands of their establishment’s clients. In any hotel, the top management consisting of its business development leaders and functional managers are the most important people that control the entire working such a commercial establishment. Their role is equivalent to the ship’s captain, who has to navigate his/her vessel through rough seas and stormy weather in order to ensure it reaches its destination safely. In the international hospitality industry, one man has set the benchmark when it comes to exemplary leadership and organizational skills for the last thirty years and is an example for others who aspire to make their mark in this industry.

A Dynamic Leader In The Hospitality Industry

The name of the talented and unique individual is Patrick Imbardelli and he is a name to reckon with in the American hotel industry. Previously, he was associated with the Pan Pacific Hotel Group as its President and Chief Executive Officer. This prominent hotel group has an international presence in 12 popular tourist destinations around the world and is one of the best luxury hotel chains. Under his influence and management, the quality of the service this luxury hotel gave its clients was comparable to the best in the world. During his tenure, the employees and the management would go to great lengths to treat their clients as family members and found the inspiration to do this through his excellent leadership skills and guidance.  He is a man of immense repute and uprightness, which makes him an invaluable asset to the hospitality industry.

Excellent Strategist and Brand Manager

Mr. Imbardelli’s peers explain that he is a gifted strategist with unique brand management skills.  Moreover, his personal charisma and leadership skills are a catalyst in creating an environment that fosters a healthy relationship among the guests, staff and the people responsible for operating the hotel he manages.  He has a reputation of being a visionary, whose progressive business strategies have been a catalyst in enhancing the business of any hotel he manages. He is also an excellent analyst and perfectionist with an eye for detail when it comes to implementing a business project.

During his incumbency as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pan Pacific Hotel Group, the luxury hotel chain was the recipient of a number of international awards, which included the Top in Q2 2009 Customer Satisfaction, Top in Q3 2009 Hospitality Index from the Market Matrix Hospitality Index and The Overall Winner & Winner in Luxury Hotels Segment in 2008. Mr. Imbardelli also won many American and international awards relating the hospitality industry.    

Patrick Imbardelli is a prominent team player and says that the hard work, ingenuity and loyalty of people he worked with also went a long way in contributing to his success in the industry during the last 30 years. He is an amicable person and as philanthropist, he always strives to improve the lives of children who are less fortunate.