Enterprise resource planning system is an integration of all the business core and more aspects to work as one. All activities ranging from customer relationship management (CRM) to the inventory management are integrated into one software with the capability to manage them. Third Wave SAP Gold Partner – a company that offers solutions to businesses, advises that any company should use the ERP approach without the fear of the initial cost. It may be costly to install and require patience to implement but once it is rolling successfully, the benefits are numerous. So, below we look at how ERP integration will boost the business.

Data connections

It is common for business people to see this benefit as the obvious purpose of the ERP integration. However, a keen look at it will help you realize how beneficial this is. With a successful ERP integration, the business can coordinate all its dat from one point. All employees have access to the ERP which covers all areas and they can key in their data in real time. Management and authorized parties can see all data from a single dashboard or click on each department for more detailed data. Experts say that ERP integration allows better decision making from more reliable data.

Processes get better streamlining

Traditional systems face the risk of multiple entries especially if the departments are not well coordinated which can affect both operations and profitability of the business. More so, the customer contact persons usually spend more time at the back trying to contact other departments for various records. However, ERP integration puts all this into the past and enables the all departments to be seamlessly integrated. As long as the data is uploaded to the system, the only call someone may need to make is a clarification of some information they do not understand.

Easy turning of leads into sales

Every business would like to turn any potential customer into a sale. However, this calls for better strategies to convince such a person. ERP integration plays a great role since it is already connected to the CRM. Therefore, processing the potential client’s information is fast and smooth once they decide to become your clients. Now that the system is automated, a sales person who is in the field looking for clients can directly order from the store without having to hold the client order. This makes the business more efficient which has a positive impact in creating customer loyalty.

Availability of marketing data

ERP integration also involves the connectivity with marketing software your team uses. Therefore, they will be able to access helpful data like customers details which they can analyze and strategize on how to reach them. With information like what repeat customers buy, what the one off customers bought and any other, then planning a marketing strategy is easier.


ERP integration allows a platform where people can access all the information they need from one place. When the integration is done by an expert and implementation is done well, then all operations run seamlessly and efficiently. This increases the profitability in return making it a worthy consideration.