The creation of a mutual fund portfolio can be a daunting task for several individuals. It might involve a series of steps which are believed by several investors to be quite complex. To start with, an investor should shortlist some lucrative schemes that offer stable long-term performance figures. The next step would involve the selection of the schemes that fall in line with the investment objectives and the overall risk profile. Another vital step is to fix the overall composition of the given portfolio. However, the task of the investors does not end here. One of the major steps into the same is the monitoring and reviewing of the performance of the overall portfolio upon regular intervals.

The SIP mutual funds are the ones that tend to adhere to the simplified formula of doing periodic investment for avoiding any issues during the high volatility in the financial market. Typically, an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is an effective investing mode for investing money into various types of mutual fund schemes. Investing into an SIP scheme would bring about a disciplined and systematic approach to the investment. It also tends to reduce the efforts of the investors for managing the overall investment. Such schemes offer a great value over the power of compounding that would lead to the generation of desired results. Upon so many benefits, the financial experts suggest the investors make their investment wisely in some of the best SIP schemes. Websites like monitor your portfolio and also provide tools to calculate your SIP effectively. You can visit this website and use the tool.

If you do not know about the best SIP schemes, then here are some of them:

  • Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity: This is a large cap fund. This fund has generated high performance over its history. During the last three years, it has yielded 19.7 percent returns to the investors. The asset size of this fund is 13000 Cr. The CRISIL rating is 5.
  • ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund:This is another leading name in the large cap funds. The average rate of return of this fund over last 5 years has been 17 percent. This fund has also invested in high-performing blue chip stocks. The asset size of this fund is 1400 Cr. This fund is high-return high-risk fund. The CRISIL rating is 4.
  • Kotak Select Focus Fund:This is one of the best funds in the large cap category. The expense ratio is too low to be around 2 percent. The asset size is 6300 Cr. This is pure equity fund with 93 percent holding in the equity market.

  • SBI Bluechip Fund: The CRISIL rating is 5. The expense ratio is also very low. The asset size is 8846 Cr. It has given high returns in the past.
  • Franklin India Prima Plus Fund: This is a famous multi-cap fund. The CRISIL rating is 4. The overall management asset is worth 9200 Cr. This is one of the oldest and high-performing funds in this category.
  • Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund: This is a multi-cap fund that is managed by three experienced fund managers. The AUMof this fund is worth 5042 Cr. It has given high return percentage of 20-30 percent in the long run.
  • UTI MNC Fund:This is another famous name in the multi-cap fund category. The CRISIL rating is 5. The AUM of this fund is 2057 Cr. It is managed by experienced fund managers.
  • ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund:This fund has given high returns in the past. The AUM is worth 14979 Cr. The major holdings are finance, infrastructure, and technology sectors. 
  • DSP Black Rock Micro Cap Fund: This is an effective mid and small cap fund. CRISIL rating is 5. The average return for the last five years has been 30 percent.
  • Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund: This is the topmost fund for mid and small cap funds category. The main sectors are finance, chemical, and engineering.

Invest in the best SIP fund this year!