How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

I don’t think anybody ever dreamed of ending up in a long distance relationship, but it does happen. You met him at the beach on a summer getaway; or he’s a new guy in town who made friends with you, fell in love, but suddenly he has to move back home. Or you met online, decided to get to know each other outside of the cyber world and take your friendship to another level – the latter becoming very popular and widely accepted for so many reasons. Perhaps the most engaging element of internet dating is that people can articulate and reveal their “true selves” more honestly and find a person that is accepting of them.

Online dating sites have become well-known among single people seeking to connect across all demographics to those who satisfy their emotional needs. Hence, more and more people opt for online dating sites to create opportunities of a possible mate.

So however you and your partner met, it is an understandably complicated yet workable situation to be in; should you mutually decide to work out the relationship while you’re apart. Just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some arrangements and readjustments can help your loving relationship to work, and work out wonderfully. To keep you close while apart, here are some ways you can do to keep the love alive and active:

Set the Date

Talk about the future. If the two of you are absolutely sure that you’ll settle down eventually, that positive assurance could possibly preserve your relationship even for a long time. Being in a long distance relationship somehow becomes manageable when you know how much longer you have to wait before you could eventually be together. Nobody’s meant to be in a long distance relationship forever, so make a plan and do up a timeline together so that you two are on the same page. Though you may be on different zones, you could still have the same goals and head for the same direction where the two of you are together.

Keep Close

They say, “far apart but near at heart.” Being close while apart could be challenging, but not impossible. You still could do the same things together independently – watch a favorite TV show together or go out for a walk while chatting on the phone. This would give you a lot of common things to talk about – activities and interests that would make you feel a lot closer.

Also, you could keep a memento that reminds you of special moments and memories of each other. Be it his shirt or her handkerchief, little things could help us hold on to thoughts of togetherness and closeness.

Mail hand-written love letters and send little gifts. This could somehow make up for all missed movie date nights and dinner dates.

Grow Together

No matter how involved you are with each other’s lives, it is important to remember that you have different jobs, families, sets of friends, and activities. You may tend to leave out the latter, but it is not healthy for both of you to have your lives revolve only around each other.

Being away from one another could actually be a good opportunity for both of you to grow separately, yet simultaneously. Take time for family, friends, career, leisure, and self development activities that would help you prepare to be a better partner. Read books together, get counsel from trusted friends, work out, and take up a hobby together. This will not only ease the loneliness you feel every day, it will also transform you into a better man and woman that would prove beneficial when the two of you settle down eventually.

Dating long-distance is not easy but the certainty in your future together would absolutely vanquish any actual length of being apart. It surely has its trade-offs, but you could absolutely “make lemonades out of lemons” – and the best ones! You could decidedly make the most of being away from one another by being the best person your partner will settle down with in the future.

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