“The Russians are excellent workers. They’ve got a better work ethic,” says Nick Caggiano, owner of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware’s Nicola Pizza. “It’s not just laying around and taking it easy…they want to come here and make some money. They really try to impress.”

These high accolades are routine when describing the army of Russian students who annually seek jobs in the United States during breaks from their university studies. When it comes to powering the workforce of this small, beachside community, which sits astride where the Delaware Bay empties into the Atlantic Ocean, Russians seeking summer student jobs have long staffed the stores, restaurants, and concessionaire shops that tailor to the tourists of Rehoboth Beach.

Summer Jobs for Students

Russia has long served as a source of talented, motivated, and honest student workers who are clamoring for employment opportunities overseas. Indeed, for more than a decade, hundreds of Russian students make the pilgrimage to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware each summer season, and there is a strong connection between the locals and their seasonal student job employees. The city’s Chamber of Commerce president, Carol Everhart estimates that the city provided more than a thousand student summer jobs to Russian students in 2014, all of whom jumped at the change for overseas employment.

Job seeking Russians looking to work overseas in the United States rely on the U.S. State Department’s J-1 program to earn the necessary temporary work visa to fulfill the myriad of student jobs that are available in towns like Rehoboth Beach, Delaware all across America.

For those Russian students who seek employment conduct their student job search through the employment services of a reputable recruitment agency. These agencies, acting as an employment guide, are pre-screened and approved by the United States government.

For American employers with available jobs for students, connecting with this cadre of dependable candidates looking to work abroad has never been easier. That is good employment news for Russian students looking for student jobs and the American employers looking to fill them.

Meet the Russian Student Workforce at DateRussia.com

When it comes to assessing the student job market and meeting the likely applicants that will fill those positions, American business owners are turning to the social media platform that Russian college students are using to hear word about overseas employment opportunities: DateRussia.com. Far more than a dating site, DateRussia.com is a social media platform that hooks you up with the Russian students who are job seeking for work abroad.