Finding a good domain name is still quite complex. Many different hosting companies provide domain for free, cheap domain registration and many more offers. So, if you’re on your way to choosing a domain name for your site, you need to keep in account following points:

Think from the Brand Perspective

Yes, you always need to know what other people understand & think about your website. This is possible with a web URL that accurately describes what you do, or at least add something in your web URL, which can be understood well. Hence, it’s vital to do some research to find out a unique domain name that describes your business in a precise way.

Domain Extensions

The selection of domain extension plays a crucial role in the success of a domain. Previously, there were only a few choices available such as .org, .com, .net, etc., but now you can find a lot of extra extensions depending on specific area or country you were in. The best available domain extensions include .biz, .info, .me, .shop .uk, etc.


The uniqueness of domain is the primary when it comes to business names. You not only have to choose a memorable name, but you also need to get a unique name that will make your brand stand apart from the other brands. For selecting a right domain, you need to do some search on Google to see what options are available and if the selected URLs already registered or as similar to your domain.


Thinking from the perspective of Google Search Results & Ranking is a must for everyone who is looking out for a domain name. This is the primary most prerequisite for a well-designed website along with good quality content, graphics, and videos. But, when people start searching for services they look for what actually your website offers, there a domain name is your content that represents your site on the search results. So, if you’ve got a good domain, it makes easy for users to find your website in an easy way.


To make a domain rank higher in Google, you have to choose the one with right keywords, what suits your business domain and the ways search engines prefer. So, you’ve to ensure that your domain got right keywords not the stuffed keywords, but the useful ones that pertain to your content, only that can improve your SEO results. To search for keywords, first you need to know what your site is about, now think about people who will be searching for your services, and the main keywords in your web content. You can take some help from sites like Google Keyword Tool, Buzzsumo, etc. to find out popular search words that match your genre.

Copyright and Trademark

The domain copyright & trademark issue can cause you big trouble, and it’s going to cost you a lot of time & money if you’re legally found using someone’s other company web domain name. You’ve to stress enough to check and re-check whether your web URL is matching with other blogs, sites, and company names or not. This is the most important factor to consider before you go for domain name purchase.

In the End

Hopefully, the provided information will get you a reliable domain name for your site, but yes don’t forget to do your homework to avoid future hassles.