The hotel industry is one of the most competitive industries. To stay ahead of the competition, hoteliers and travel companies are consistently in search of innovative ideas. Offering convenient communication channels is one of the techniques the hotel owners rely on. Some of the major communication options used by them are emails, phone calls and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and Skype, to name a few.

As we all know, today almost every business has its own website to reach out to the tech-savvy customers; most of the hotels have also got different websites with complete details about the rooms, living facilities, prices etc. Though they ensure that visitors get all the information on their website, sometimes customers get confused and look for instant support. The right idea for this situation is to get live chat software for the website and connect them direct to the customer support agents for guidance.

Apart from direct interaction between the customers and the hotel staff on the website, the live chat software offers various other benefits too. Here are some of the major benefits of live chat software for the hotel industry.

Personal Touch in the Communication

The hotel business is all about the human interaction. Imagine a situation when you go to a hotel and find nothing but the furniture and some boards with written guidelines. Isn’t it one of the worst experiences? Your guests might feel the same on your website, if they don’t get instant support when looking for some help. Adding the best live chat software is an apt option to give a personal touch to your website. Adding a live chat widget is like deploying a person to open the door for the guests.

Better Comparison of the Hotels

While booking hotels, guests prefer to compare different websites for prices, stay quality, location and other facilities. Some websites have a list of hotels with the comparison. But to add some additional feature to your website and to make comparison easy for the visitors, you can add live chat widget. In this way, the visitors will get right guidance and will be able to save time when stuck at some point. The representatives can ask the guests about their requirements and can offer them a customized comparison list to save their time and efforts.

Increased Efficiency

Online chat software provides real-time support to the guests. Not just the real time support but it also allows the customer support agents to improve their efficiency as they can perform multiple tasks at the same time like talking to the customers, checking their profile to get more insights about them and searching the website to offer them more customized solutions. The waiting time that is very common in call centre reduces drastically, making customers happy.

Instant Support

Unlike other communication channels such as emails, call-center or messaging, live chat doesn’t need a switch of channels. The online guests can directly get in touch with the representative and can get instant solution to their queries. It encourages people to interact with the customer support agents for a unique experience.

Ultimate goal of any business is to offer superior customer service and maximum satisfaction. Live chat software on any website allows the business owners to achieve this goal. A high-quality and advanced live chat widget from a well-known company like REVE Chat can make real difference in customer service process. With advanced and customized software, you can easily increase your online conversion rate.

Install online web chat software to show your guests that you care for them and encourage them to come back to you whenever they need to book a hotel.